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20th March 2016, 00:48
I thought members may be interested to know about a new book on the secret WW2 intelligence agency MI9, their mirror US agency, MIS-X and the profusion of covert Evasion and Escape devices produced by both, to assist downed Allied air crew to evade after being forced down, or to escape POW camps post capture during WW2. The book is published by Schiffer Publishing, and was released in UK in January.

These two secret organisations were responsible for the invention, production and distribution of a huge variety of ingenious evasion and escape devices issued to allied air crew and Special Forces to enable them to evade capture after being forced down, or cut off behind enemy lines in occupied Europe, hopefully to evade capture and safely return to their Squadrons and Regiments in England.

The book concentrates not specifically on MI9 or MIS-X – although their histories are well covered - but on the innovative and rare devices themselves, and includes over 650 unique colour, and over 50 period images of these immensely rare devices.

The book has broad interest due to its direct connection to all RAF Commands, the diverse nature of the devices described in the book, and the parallel interest generated in the variety of everyday personal items which were 'loaded' with evasion and escape items for covert shipment into prisoner of war camps in Europe.

These items were widely issued to air crews (British, Commonwealth, US and Allied), to Special Forces, and also to many members of SOE, SIS and other covert agencies. So the subject matter also fits very nicely Into the increasingly popular 'secret agent/007' genre, adding further interest to the book.

The escape items featured include pens, pencils, razors, shaving brushes, tooth brushes, combs, cigarette lighters, books, mirrors, games, sporting goods, dart boards and numerous other everyday items, all constructed with escape devices concealed inside, for recovery when required. So the book should also find a wide readership due to the diverse contents included.

The book large format, contains over 700 images (650 in full colour) and is currently available from the US publisher, or from the UK distributor (Gazelle Books). Please see links below.



The UK distributors are Gazelle Books website:


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Phil Froom