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21st March 2016, 17:57
Does anyone have a copy of the RAF List for 1924? I'm looking for a John Auguste BORET, who is shown on Malcolm's excellent "Air Of Authority" website as being sent to 100 Squadron on the 24th of January 1924. Malcolm, however, has appended the entry with a question mark, so I'd be grateful of RAFL provenance if anyone can provide it? (I'm assuming that as with later editions of the RAF List there are entries detailing senior squadron personnel)

I'm aware of Boret's WW1 service (which incidentally included flying nearly 50 operations with 100 on the Western Front) and subsequent RAF service beyond WW2 from Giblin and FRanks excellent work on the award of the MC to flying personnel in WW1, it's that little detail from 1924 that I'm chasing :)

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21st March 2016, 19:00
All AFL through to 1926 show posting to No.32 Sqn

as does this narrative page from 1927 Flight


So error in Times I would suggest.


21st March 2016, 19:04
Hi Greg

I have checked the May 1924 AFL and the Jul 1925 AFL and both show him with 32 Sqn. The mention of 100 Sqn came about because this was where he was supposedly posted according to the Times, but this was probably a error on their part so I've removed it


21st March 2016, 19:36
HI Malcolm,

Many thanks for the quick response and clarification - I know you're generally spot-on with your gen on the website, so seeing the "?" against the entry was enough for me to go and look for some additional provenance. I've now removed the reference to him returning to 100 from my text.

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9th April 2016, 19:06

Apologies, I didn't thank you at the time for your reply to my post. I've just spotted it whilst I was going back through some of my old posts. So, thanks :)

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