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28th April 2016, 09:05
I found a useful appendices in a book on WW1 which gives a cross reference between AHB (Air Historical Branch) and the AIR Reference at National Archives (was Public Record Office)


199/7_____1/733______Reports 1 to 26 by Royal Aero Club on flying Accidents

AIR 1 is WW1 Series

The report reference can be found on National Archives Catalogue as AIR 1/733/199/7


In all cases of list I have checked the AHB reference is tagged on to the back of the AIR 1 Reference

I did not realise this... until now *but you all probably knew this)

bruce dennis
28th April 2016, 10:09
Is there any more gold in the pot? I wonder if the book you got this from is an old one, prehaps put together in the dys of card-indexes and pencils?


28th April 2016, 10:51
It is from
A Contemptible Little Flying Corps
by L. McInnes (Author), J. V. Webb (Contributor)
ISBN-10: 1843420538
ISBN-13: 978-1843420538

Appendix 12
Principal References Consulted in the Public Record Office

You may be able to see it on Google Books, Page 502/503

Other examples and yes "I wonder if the book you got this from is an old one, perhaps put together in the days of card-indexes and pencils?"
my copy is 1991

AHB No. AIR /1 No.[/thead][tbody]
No. 15/9/169-173 755 Group Honours and Awards
15/161/1-178/1 173Histories of 27-58 Sqdns
15/16/1 502Increases in Establishment of Mil. Wing 1912-13
21/20/1-216 687, 696 Squadron Histories
21/100/1 725Sir A Bannerman's Paper on the Air Battalion pre-1914
176/3/1 728Names of balloons
199/7 733Reports 1 to 26 by Royal Aero Club, on flying accidents
204/1/1 7342 Squadron Mobilisation Scheme, 1914
204/2/1 7373 Squadron Orders, Feb-Aug, 1914
204/2/18 7383 Squadron Nominal Roll, 1914
204/2/287391 Wing Routine Orders, Nov 1914-March 1916
204/2/29 740HQ RFC Daily Routine Orders, Aug 1914-Dec 191
204/4/1 750HQ Mobilisation Returns, 1913-14