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13th May 2016, 13:19

I recently joined the forum and look forward to learn more about the RAF. I have not done much research in the UK; so I would like to have some help.

For the moment I am working a number of book projects (five to be exact) due to be published in the next two years and I am wondering if any of you can direct me. I will visit the National Archive in Kew in November for research on the two Fokker F.22s and one F.36 operated by the RAF. I will have a look at the ORB of 24 Sqn and 1680 Flight (allthough I only saw they had June 1943-1946..., while the aircraft arrived at 1680 Fly on October 1, 1942), I wonder if it is possible to find a crash report of the two aircraft that were lost?

The Fokker F.36, G-AFZR (HM161 reserved but ntu) operated at the time of the crash (May 21, 1940) at 1 AONS Prestwick seem to had problems with gaining height and fell down along the runway. But has there been written a report?

The other accident involved the Fokker F.22,G-AFXR (HM159) operated by 1680 Flight at Abbotsinch. This aircraft crashed on July 3, 1943 in to Loch Tarbert killing all 20 on board. I have from other sources understood that there will probably be no report on the crash. Some believe there was no need to write a report as the aircraft could not be investigated (was at the bottom of the lake). Is this correct? Or has there be written a report by the Air Ministry since it was a civil registered aircraft? Just a thought from my side.

Hope you can help me.

13th May 2016, 15:53

HM159 has been mentioned on here before, now in the archived section:


The post made by Errol Martin indicates that a Court of Enquiry was held into the crash.



Franek Grabowski
18th September 2016, 12:33
Hi Rob
I have not noticed your post before.
In all cases that you mention there must have been a report filed. I am afraid, that bulk of those reports were destroyed after the war. Some of them are in AHB MoD, see AIR81 discussion on this forum. I think you can try to contact AHB. Otherwise, the only other source of information seems aircraft accident cards, I am afraid.

Errol Martyn
19th September 2016, 01:09

There was a court of inquiry held for the loss of HM159. On a file for New Zealander E S Knox held by Personnel Records, New Zealand Defence Force there is a three page precis of the C of I. There is also a two-page article on the loss of HM159 in the March 1982 issue of 'Flypast' (pp38-39), with a half-page postscript in its July issue (p11).

PM me with your email address if you would like me to scan same for you.