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Sandra Napoleone Bouzer
26th May 2016, 18:05
Bonjour à tous voilà je fais une recherche historique sur un homme faurie robert ne en 1923 faisait parti de la résistance puis c est engagé dans la royale air force sous le commandement de Christian martell
Comment puis je retrouver son squadron car il est toujours parmi ou mais il ne se souvient plus et j aimerai vraiment trouver des informations sur son squadron ses missions
Car l histoire et son amour pour sa petite fille m à touché alors si quelqu'un un peu m aider ça serai genial
Google translation from the mod:
'Hello everyone here I make a historical research on a faurie robert man in 1923 was the party of resistance and c is engaged in the Royal Air Force under the command of Christian Martell
How can I find his squadron because he is still with or but he does not remember and I 'd really like to find information about his squadron missions
For the history and love for his little girl m touched so if someone just help me it 'll genial'

(If any member can give a better translation, please do! Bruce)

26th May 2016, 19:14

'Christian Martell' was the nom de guerre of Lucien Montet. He was a well known French pilot with 341 'Alsace' Squadron during World War 2, and was also involved in the Resistance, hence his change of name to protect his relatives still in France. There is some information here about his wartime activities:


341 Squadron:


et aussi en francais:




26th May 2016, 19:17
Hi Sandra, Hi Bruce,

Translation: "Hello everyone, I am doing a historical research about a man whose name is FAURIE Robert, born 1923, who was a member of the French Resistance and who joined the Royal Air Force under the command of Christian Martell. How can I find his Squadron because he is still with us but he doesn't recall and I would really like to find information about his Squadron and his missions. Because the story and his love for his grand-daughter has touched me, so if somebody could help me it will be simply great."

Sandra, I also suggest you to post a message about it on the French forum : http://www.aerostories.org/~aeroforums/forumhist/
Sandra, je vous suggère ausi de mettre un message à ce sujet sur le forum Français : http://www.aerostories.org/~aeroforums/forumhist/

Kindest regards,

bruce dennis
26th May 2016, 19:55
Thank you Frederic.