View Full Version : Lets Play Identifty that Fairey Flycatcher - October 21st 1931

20th June 2016, 13:38
I have been long trying to find the serial of the Fairey Flycatcher that crashed on the Tarvit Estate, Cupar, Fife on October 21st 1931. The plane was on a training flight from Leuchars and the pilot Lieut. Peter Lawrence Jamieson a baled out and landed in a Beech tree where he was rescued by the Cupar Fire Brigade

Today I found a newspaper photo of the crashed aircraft with the last serial (a 6) and the previous serial (either a 5 or 6) showing so it can only be either one of the following 8 aircraft


J7466 N9666 N9866 S1066


J7456 N9656 N9856 N9956
can anyone place any of these aircraft at Leuchars in 1931 ?? Thanks Paul (PS I am not near by Air Britain Books at the moment)

20th June 2016, 16:07

I looked at the picture again and realised the fin upside down (as shown in other pictures)

It will be N991N

I was confused as a '1' is partially visible (the bottom) and it did not fit "the numbers" also it looks like the last number is a 5 or 9

Maybe N9915 which I know was RAF Training Base Leuchars

or any other N9910 to N9919

can anyone ID if N9919 was at Leuchars


20th June 2016, 20:58
Based on all available evidence it can only be N9915 which was last recorded at B Flight Training Sqn at Leuchars in October 1931