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4th July 2016, 10:31
Good Morning,

As part of a book that I am writing about Aldershot Military Cemetery and the Aviators and Airmen who are buried there, I am trying desperately to find more about this particular RAF Pilot and in the process seemed to have hit a brick wall.

Alexander Goodison Boon was born in Madeley, Shropshire in early 1902 to the surgeon, physician and public vaccinator John Goodison Boon, an Irishman from Dublin and his Dorset born mother, Olive Dunbur Boon.
In 1911 aged nine Alexander was living with his parents, older brother Patrick and three servants in their 12 room family home and local surgery at 13 Church St, in Broseley, Shropshire.

I also know that at some time he joined the Royal Scots as a second lieutenant, was promoted to First Lieutenant and transferred ? was seconded? To the RAF.

At the time of his death, he was serving with 13 Army Co-Operation Squadron in Andover.
I know the circumstances of his death and the resulting Inquest that followed.
I have been unable to ascertain anything about his military career or his RAF career
I have been unable to establish where he trained as a pilot or where and when he obtained his pilot's licence.
If anyone can help me with any information that will assist me to bring this young airman's story to life I would be most appreciative.

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4th July 2016, 12:31
Could you let us know if you have full access to ancestry.com and / or findmypast.com or .co.uk etc

Circumstances of death is listed on thsi forum thread:

4th July 2016, 12:44
A. G. Boon.
2nd Lt A/Capt (R Scots) 29 May 1919
Prom Subs 1st Lt 14 Jul 1923
R. Scots.—Lt. A. G. Boon is se[cond?]ed, for senr[service?] with the R.A.F. 18th July 1925.
Peter Davies

4th July 2016, 13:01
Discription here

4th July 2016, 20:35
many thanks
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4th July 2016, 20:36
many thanks
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4th July 2016, 20:41
Hello Denise,

i have full full access to Ancestory.com only I'm afraid.

I have checked it as it as best my limited skills and knowledge allow.

i found several family trees purporting to be linked to Alexander showing a lot of military info but I'm just not convinced of their accuracy and some time frames don't feel right.

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4th July 2016, 20:46
I only have full access to Ancestory.co.uk I'm afraid.

Have checked but I couldn't find much more than I listed. There are family trees but I'm sure that they are all accurate, dates times etc don't seem to Mach. But that might just be me

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