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Chris Davies
27th December 2016, 12:42

I am seeking any information regarding this aircraft from 7 Sqn.
Crashed 23rdish March 1927 Eastfield Farm, Warkworth, Northumberland


27th December 2016, 16:43
Date appears to be 23rd March 1927 crew Flt/Lt C F Toogood and F/O Stokes and two mechanics and belonged to no 7 Sqn the aeroplane came from
Leuchars en route to Norfolk and crashed through hedge after forced landing due to engine failure. The two officers were who are listed as pilots were hospitalised but did not have serious injuries The two mechanics were uninjured

Chris Davies
27th December 2016, 19:55
Hi Paul,

Any idea of the serial no.

I have scoured the Air Britain J1-J9999 and drawn a blank.


28th December 2016, 08:46
No idea on serial - I too looked in J Serials without luck maybe one which was repaired at makers but no incident listed

best hope is a photo or report appearing in local press on British newspaper archives

28th December 2016, 10:03
Amongst other newspapers reporting the accident at the time, there's a report in the Dundee Evening Telegraph of March 24th 1927 headed "Giant 'Plane's Crash into Hedge."

It reports that the Virginia came down at South Side Farm, some 3 miles from Warkworth. The aircraft was 'badly damaged, one of the great wings and one propeller being completely wrecked.'

Southside Farm is due west of Warkworth.



Chris Davies
28th December 2016, 14:44
Hi Simon,
Many thanks also.

Several newspaper report have one wing and undercarriage torn off, also forward cockpit badly damaged.


1st January 2017, 12:22
From ABS


...... TOC 9 Sqdn 3.27; MKRS repair on Cont No
770245/27 TOC 11.27 - 1.28; MKRS 1.28 .......



1st January 2017, 14:49
Could be but aircraft I think with 7Sqn?

1st January 2017, 17:45
Hi-This crash was on Wednesday 23rd March,1927 and I have the Pilot as Stocks,the Navigator was Toogood and the 2 Leading Aircraftsman were Pink and Crisp.
On Tuesday before the crash this aircraft made a forced landing at Bamburgh due to engine trouble.The photograph that I have of the crash does not show the serial number.

55 Aircraft Accidents Research Group

1st January 2017, 18:32
Phillip thanks for the additional details especially the names of the airmen

Out of interest does it carry any Sqn markings on photo ?

Thanks Paul

Chris Davies
3rd January 2017, 12:36
Thanks Phillip,

The local papers of the day have the aircraft being with 7sqn.
Having said that, a local paper at the end of 2016 ran an article on 'War Relics' in Northumberland and posted the picture of a site naming the aircraft as a Vampire, when it is in fact a Venom.