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6th January 2017, 12:39
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The Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Heriton Herald (phew!) of November 26th 1921 reports the ditching of an aircraft off Victoria Pier, Folkestone:

On Saturday afternoon some excitement was caused on the front by the enforced descent of an aeroplane into the sea. Lieut. James Milne Robb, Royal Air Force [D.F.C. and later D.S.O.], was crossing the Channel to England on a British biplane, when, some miles from Folkestone, his engine stopped. Fortunately he was at a good height and by executing a long volpane he brought his machine down near the Victoria Pier. On reaching the water it immediately commenced to sink. Mr. Robert Clark, a boatman, put off in a boat, accompanied by Mr. Flood, a lift attendant, and Lieut. Robb, who had climbed on to the tail of his aeroplane was taken off unhurt. Subsequently, at ow tide, the biplane was pulled out of the sea, and on Sunday was dismantled and removed in parts to the Hawkinge aerodrome.

The Gloucester Journal, amongst others, identifies the aircraft as 'a "Bristol" aeroplane (1688).'

So, can anyone tell me what this mystery 'Bristol' aeroplane was? Possibly Bristol F.2B H1688?

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6th January 2017, 14:15
As James Milne Robb was with 24 Sqn at the time


and they were allocated Bristol Fighters at the time as well

I think you have it!