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23rd January 2017, 11:37
My father wrote his memoirs and I found them after he’d died in 2003. He’d written about his life from birth to his time working in the Manchester City Police...and I was amazed by what I read. This was a whole part of my father’s life of which I knew very little...the father I didn’t know!

After a few years I realised that perhaps a wider audience might be interested in his WWII experiences in Bomber Command, 7 Squadron as well as those in various POW camps (Stalag Luft III, Heydekrug, Thorn and Fallingbostel). I edited his work – he was new to computers and couldn’t get his head around ‘word wrap’ so there was a great deal of that to sort out along with other formatting errors. I added a couple of notes of commentary and tried to find information to add...such as a scan of his Ex-POW questionnaire and the number of operations he’d flown.

It was humbling to realise that he was just eighteen when he enlisted and that he’d been through so much during that time. I also realised that I would probably never have survived what he survived!

Eventually I realised that it was probably ready for publication and I decided a POD publisher was probably best and contacted someone who would ensure that it could be read either as a paperback or as a digital book... available on Amazon. It was first published in 2013.

Title: ‘Of Stirlings and Stalags: an air-gunner’s tale’ – WE ‘Bill’ Goodman
Price - £8-99 paperback and £2-37 as a digital download.