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6th February 2017, 10:31
In Bomber Command Losses of Second World War Volume 1 (2nd Edition) only pilot of Hind K5370 of 139 Sqn which crashed at Beccles, Suffolk on May 4th 1937 is mentioned

The pilot was Sgt James Parkinson #580189 later #187994 (1945)

The passenger can now be identified at Aircraftsman Leslie Frank McAdoo #529777

Source of this is a large write up of incident in the Saturday 08 May 1937, Thetford & Watton Times and People's Weekly Journal, Norfolk, England

Michael Hendry
16th May 2017, 18:07
My late uncle (Maxwell Frederick Hendry) took a number of photographs of the wreckage of this plane. I have eight prints and negatives for seven of them, and also have a cutting from an unidentified newspaper headed "R.A.F. Plane Crash at Beccles" with a subheading "Overturned in Landing".

Among a number of personal images in his photo albums are a number of photographs of aircraft at Ternhill 10 FTS, Wyton, Uxbridge, Hamble and Bircham Newton. There are also a couple of other photos of crashes, one ascribed to P/O Doug Perry who is also pictured sitting on the ground in front of several Blenheims with S/Ldr Brooks, P/O Maguire, F/O Kitley and P/O Maude.

The family had kept various memorabilia relating to my uncle, and I started going through these last summer as part of a decluttering exercise (which soon stalled!). All the family knew about Mick's death is that he'd been lost in action in the Channel on 24 September 1940 while flying Blenheim T1794. I started Googling for more information last year, and found that he hadn't been shot down by one of the mine-sweepers he was attacking, but by a German flying ace.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eberhard_von_Boremski

I suspect that my own children will not be interested in these items when they inherit them in their turn, and would like to ensure they go to a good home.

17th May 2017, 10:20
Maxwell Frederick Hendry was on 139 Sqn at Wyton, but photos of other crew are off of 114 Sqn (also at Wyton)

P/O Doug Perry is P/O Douglas Perry and the photo of the crash is of K7036 10-03-1937 (flip over)


Perry was killed 19-05-1938 in crash of K7037

Sqn Ldr Brooks is Sqn/Ldr Hugh Hamilton Brookes (16137) later Air Vice Marshal

F/O Ronald Walter Gaynor Kitley 37232
P/O Simon Napier Leslie Maude 37865

P/O Maguire is Pilot Officer Frederick Robert MAGUIRE is dismissed the Service by sentence of General Court Martial, 19th Feb. 1938

February 12, 1938
The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Page 21

"COCK FIGHT" BY R.A.F. MEN AFTER DRINKS IN LONDON. "Cock-fighting" and leg-wrestling contests between R.A.F. officers in their, mess ''after considerable drinking by almost every one present" were described recently at a court martial at Wyton, Hunts. ' Pilot Officer Frederick Robert Maguire, aged 23, of No. 114 (Bomber) Squadron, denied having struck superior officers Flight-Lieutenant W. N. Ash (Walter Noel Ash (05253).) and Squadron Leader W. L. Freebody (Wilfred Leslie Freebody (16222)). Flight-Lieutenant Ash said he was a guest at Wyton mess on December 9. (1938) After dinner the usual mess games' were played. ' During a "cock-fight" Maguire, In the general excitement made to help one of the competitors, and Flight-Lieutenant Ash stuck him on the shoulder and said. "Come on, Mac, fair does". Maguire hit him .on the face with his fist Senior' officers spoke to Maguire, . . Flight Lieutenant Ash added that he was standing at the door with another officer when he was again struck in the face. Cross-examined by Dr. S. 1. Peters, MJ. (forMsguire), Flight-lieutenant' Ash said he had had tour glasses of sherry before dinner, two pints of beer during dinner, and a glass of port and liqueur brandy after dinner. Pilot Officer: Perry said he saw Flight-Lieutenant Ash ' and Maguire in a rough and tumble, Maguire striking Ash with his fists. WHISKIES AND SHERRY Squadron-Leader W. L. Free-body said be was told about COCK FIGHT"

Susan Epps
16th July 2018, 15:35
Michael Hendry, I have a photo of your late uncle Maxwell Frederick Hendry. My mother was his widow, who later married a Canadian. Is there a way to email you the photo? (I tend to get lost in forums like this)

16th July 2018, 16:11
Susan, just left mouse button click on user name "Michael Hendry", small window would appear, then click on Send Email and finally new page with his email would be opened.



Susan Epps
16th July 2018, 17:11
Many thanks, Pavel!