View Full Version : Clipped Wings Volume 2 ?

Alex Smart
24th February 2017, 01:48
I read somewhere in this forum that a member had received a copy of volume 2 of "Clipped Wings".

So today I attempted to order a copy myself at my local bookshop.

They were unable to comply as it was not available according to the publishers
list on line. But the assistant did seem to suggest publication was December 2016 ?

So, is it actually available to the general public yet ?


24th February 2017, 11:50
I saw that too Alex. I did have a look for it online, and it's available directly from the publishers via Amazon:




Alex Smart
24th February 2017, 12:49
Hello Simon,

Thanks for the reply and link.
I looked on the nimbus publishing site ( a Canadian company ) the book is not shown and when I typed in "Cummings" it did not recognis the author's name either?

Volume 1 was Nibus publishing of Northamptonshire UK , so will now try to find them.


Alex Smart
24th February 2017, 14:41
Gave up and ordered with Amazon.

bruce dennis
24th February 2017, 16:46
Has anybody tried asking Colin Cummings about this?

28th February 2017, 13:57
I am not sure if Colin is still around, but if he is and he is after more detail concerning an incident detailed on page 329 in Vol 1, I can provide this.



Pierre Renier
3rd March 2017, 14:01
I ordered a copy from Amazon.uk about ten days ago and it arrived pretty sharpish just a few days later. Short of digging through the cardboard recycling I'm fairly confident in saying that it is Colin Cummings who is selling the books directly though I'm sure Amazon are getting a cut of his sales!!