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Steve Brew
22nd March 2017, 08:36
Iím seeking some information on No. 6 Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School at Sywell Aerodrome for the period of October 1937-January 1938.

Does anyone have the ORB for this period or can someone tell me who the main staff were, please?

I know the Commandant was Gp Capt (Ret.) John C. Halahan CBE AFC, but can anyone tell me more about his staff, e.g. the names of the Chief Flying Instructor, Flying Instructors, RAF Examining Officer, Chief Ground Engineer, etc., etc.?


23rd March 2017, 17:15
Hi Steve
I know these dates are a bit later but possibly the instructors were there before October
Sywell instructors from Logbook of Charles Greville-Heygate DFC (1st flights in DH82)

29 Oct - F/O Hayward
6 Nov - F/O Dalrymple
Possibly this chap??
4th January, 1935. GENERAL DUTIES BRANCH .The undermentioned Flying Officers are transferred to the Reserve. 27th Dec. 1934: — Class A. Leslie Edward DALRYMPLE. I have been looking into a family connection between this chap and Andrew Dalrymple the co-builder of the Chilton aircraft. No luck as yet
Nov10 - F/O Turner

April 1 - Mr Morris
April 23 - F/O Brunton
May 28 - Mr Marsdon
May 29 - F/O Kinnear

I would love to have more info on any of these pilots especially Hayward as he was mentioned in letters by Charles and being very fierce!
Cheers SA

Steve Brew
28th March 2017, 12:21
Hi Motherbird

Thanks for your reply. THose names don't mean anything to me yet, but I will keep them on file for future reference, in case I can get a copy of the ORB.

I do wonder, though, if Fg Off Brunton is the following former 41 Sqn pilot:

b Preston, Lancs, 6 Sep 06
grntd SSC as Prob Plt Off & to 111 (F) Sqn, 31 Mar 25
41 (F) Sqn, 28 Sep 25-17 Sep 27
Plt Off, 1 Oct 25
Fg Off, 31 Oct 26
25 (F) Sqn, 17 Sep 27
10 (B) Sqn, 30 Sep 28
24 (C) Sqn, 17 Jan-17 Sep 29
25 (F) Sqn, 17 Sep 29-30 Mar 30
trans to Class A Res, 31 Mar 30
rel com on CoS, 31 Mar 34 (cxld)
grntd 4-yr ext in Class A, 31 Mar 34
posting unknown, Apr 30-Mar 34
rel com in RAFO on CoS, 31 Mar 38, rtng Fg Off
rel com, 6 Dec 38
d London, 1971