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Alex Smart
31st March 2017, 23:32

460217 - Unaccounted Airwoman & Airmen - 17-02-1946

From Hank's List -

TAHHAN, Josephine - ACW2c - 2990210 - WAAF - 107 MU - Beirut War Cemetery, Lebanese Republic.

HARVEY, Fred - Cpl - 982444 - RAFVR - Atherton Cemetery, Lancashire.
STERLING, Henry ( Harry ) - AC2c - 1906810 - RAFVR - Belfast City Cemetery, County Antrim.

From CWGC & Geoff's Sites -

LISTER, Jack - Sgt - 1480287 - RAFVR - Singapore Memorial, Singapore.


1st April 2017, 09:37

HARVEY, Fred - Cpl - registered in Farnworth.
STERLING, Henry ( Harry ) - AC2 - not Eng/Wales, probably N Ireland?

LISTER, Jack - Sgt - HMT Duchess of Richmond.


1st April 2017, 11:25

HARVEY, Fred - Cpl - 982444 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at Townleys Hospital, Bolton.

STERLING, Henry ( Harry ) - AC2c - 1906810 - there's a Harry Sterling, aged about 20, registered at Walsall, September 1946. The Staffordshire Advertiser of July 13th 1946 reported the following:

Walsall Driver Acquitted of Manslaughter
A Walsall taxi driver, who was alleged to have knocked down and fatally injured a young airman, while driving under the influence of drink, appeared before Mr. Justice Lewis when the Staffordshire Assizes were resumed at the Shirehall, Stafford, on Monday. Accused, George Richardson (42), pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of Harry Sterling at Walsall on February 16.
Richardson was employed as a taxi driver...and at about 11 p.m. on February 16 he was driving his taxi along the Bloxwich Road, Walsall, towards Bloxwich. It was a clear night, and there was a full moon. A young airman named Sterling and his cousin were on the accused's nearside on the road, but although Robinson had ample opportunity to see them, Sterling was so gravely injured hat he died the following day.
Richardson gave evidence that between 8 p.m. and 9-30 p.m. he had two pints of mild beer at the Queen's Head. He had then had his supper at home, after which he had two more half-pints of mild at the George. He was in no way affected by the drink, and had full control of the car. He was using side lights but not head-lights, and his speed was about 25 miles per hour along the Bloxwich Road. While passing a spot known, because of the shadows, as the "Black Patch," he felt a bump and heard glass smash.
The jury, after an hour's retirement, found Richardson not guilty of manslaughter, but guilty of dangerous driving. The judge said he considered the verdict a proper one, as he did not think Robinson guilty of manslaughter. Accused had a good record, and he did not want to send him to prison.
Richardson was ordered to pay 50 towards the cost of the prosecution, and was bound over for 12 months. His driving licence was not suspended.

LISTER, Jack - Sgt - 1480287 - the Yorkshire Evening Post of February 21st 1946 carried the following announcement:

On Active Service
LISTER - Feb. 16, at sea, aged 36 years, Sgt. JACK LISTER, R.A.F., beloved husband of Marie Lister, 23 Brookfield Road, Headingley, Leeds 6.



22nd February 2021, 15:50
Rosalind Winifred Haywood 432567, A general duties clerk attached to AHQ Eastern Mediterranean, became ill with anterior poliomyelitis on May 1st dying in number 64 general hospital

14th July 2022, 20:05
Annandale Frank Giuseppi 629342 , attached to AHQ Iraq became dangerously ill at Ser Amadia at 21:10 Hours and died at 21:30 Hours. He was taken to Number 6 RAF hospital, where it was found he had died of heat hyperexia

4th February 2023, 16:01
Josephine Tahhan 2990210 , a locally enlisted WAAF from from Lebanon, attached to 104 MU, was killed in an accident on a level crossing at Kasfareet, Egypt.

Despite a very extensive search, amongst numerous records, no trace of her loss could be discovered. This Information was obtained via the purchase of a GRO overseas death certificate by myself

22nd February 2023, 18:35
Fred Harvey 982444 | attached to Number 101 PDC | died in Townleys hospital, Bolton, of peritonitis