View Full Version : Defiants 151 Sq destroyed/damaged on 9.5.41

5th July 2008, 12:16
I would like to ask for assistance in following matter:

On 9.5.41 lonely Ju 88 attacked RAF Wittering and according to the ORB of No. 151 Sq 2 Defiants were destroyed and four more damaged by bombs shrapnel.

But in Defiant file I was able to find out only three Defiants with note "Damaged in air raid Wittering 9.5.41": N1790, N3459, T3916

Could anybody bring more light on this air raid?
1. How many Defiants were really destroyed/damaged?
2. Is it know the unit of the attacker?
3. Was it day or night raid?

Any more details much appreciated