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Henk Welting
6th July 2008, 13:27
What caused the death of and/or what was the place of death registration for LAC (Pilot u/t) Ernest D. CLARKE - 1251069 (from Irish Republic), killed on active service.
Proposed aircraft losses for this day:
Master I - N7602 - 8 FTS - flew into high ground Hill of Fingrey, Kincardineshire.
Wellington II - W5369 - De Havilland - crashed on test flight (SOC 2-1-1941).
Regards and thanks for your help.

6th July 2008, 16:13
Not registered in England (checked spelling for both Clarke and Clark) so maybe in Scotland to tie in with the Master?

Cheers, Tom

6th July 2008, 16:16
Thinking about this one again Henk, i'm pretty sure i have a copy of an aviation archaeology magazine at home that i read recently talking about this crash and the pilot was Clarke. I'll check when i get home this evening.


Andy Ingham
6th July 2008, 16:37
The death of Ernest Edward Downing CLARKE (Pupil Pilot, RAF ) aged 20 was registered at Strachan, Kincardine. His body was found on Hill of Fingrey, Kincardineshire on the 24th.
That would confirm a link with Master I - N7602 - 8 FTS.

6th July 2008, 17:50
Who ever was writing the entries for the 8 FTS ORB at the time didn't record anything about crashes in that period but where his death was registered would fit with the crash location.

Henk Welting
7th July 2008, 12:02
Thanks friends for all your help and support.

29th November 2021, 15:14
Ronald Charles Alexander 991446, attached to SAAF Cape Town, drowned in a bathing accident in Cape Town

19th April 2022, 20:46
Bernard James Trewin 932348 , attached to Number 2 SOTT , was injured in a road accident on 22 July and was admitted to Victoria hospital, Blackpool and died of a fractured skull in Wharncliife hospital, Sheffield

Alex Smart
30th September 2022, 20:05

401215 - Unaccounted Airmen - 15-12-1940

From Henk's List -

ALEXANDER, Ronald Charles - AC2c - 991446 - RAFVR.
Cape Town (Plumstead) Cemetery, Western Cape, South Africa.
Accidentally drowned while bathing.

TREWIN, Bernard James - AC2c - 932348 - RAFVR.
Putney Vale Cemetery and Crematorium, London.
Involved in a Road accident on the the 22nd July. Died in Wharncliffe Hospital, Sheffield.

From CWGC -

DENNIS, Walter Frederick - Sgt - 974127 - RAFVR.
Texel (Den Burg ) Cemetery, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.
Whitley V - P5012 - 102 Sqdn.

CLARKE, Ernest Dowling - Lac - 1251069 - RAFVR.
Montrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery, Angus.
Master I - N7602 - 8 FTS.

WILLIAMS, Cyril - Sgt - 818161 - RAF (AAF).
Topcliffe Church Cemetery, Yorkshire.
Whitley V - T4138 - 77 Sqdn.

BEATTIE, Joseph - Sgt - 745372 - RAFVR.
CAMPBELL, John Erik - Sgt - 937405 - RAFVR.
FOX, Alfred Russell - Sgt - 971467 - RAFVR.
SVENSON, Neil Anzac - P/O - 43049 - RAF.
WILSON, Edward Frank - Sgt - 742942 - RAFVR.
These five airmen were crew of Whitley V - T4292 - 77 Sqdn.

ALLARDICE, Kenneth Gordon - Sgt - 748744 - RAFVR.
CLEMETT, John Alfred - Sgt - 751589 - RAFVR.
HANNAH, Kenneth Thomas - F/Lt - 42123 - RAF.
SEDGLEY, Alan - Sgt - 621033 - RAF.
These four airmen were crew of Whitley V - P5012 - 102 Sqdn.

The above nine airmen are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey.

POCOCK, Bernard Cyril - Lt(A) - HMS Condor - RNVR.
Enfield Crematorium Middlesex.
JONES, Harold Vaughan - LA - HMS Condor - FX.79222 - RN.
Arbroath Western Cemetery, Angus.
ODHAMS, Peter Kenneth Lynch - Lt - HMS Excellent - RN.
Mickleham (St.Michael and All Angels) Churchyard, Surrey.

These three Naval Airmen were crew of Swordfish - K5959 - 767 Sqdn - FAA, RN.


Andy Marden
1st October 2022, 16:44
CLARKE, Ernest Dowling - Lac - 1251069 - RAFVR.
Montrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery, Angus.
Master I - N7602 - 8 FTS.

Interesting to note that AIR81/4605 gives his date of death as 14 Dec 40: https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C16688703
I'm unable to find any evidence either way.

1st October 2022, 17:01
F1180 has original date of 14th scored out and 15th added - this alteration has been initialled. Time of event given as 16:00 Original descriptor a/c missing also scored out.

His death certificate viewable on Scotlands People is dated 15th Dec but says found dead on 24th. Cause of death fractured skull, multiple injuries.