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Franek Grabowski
27th May 2017, 00:21
A new book on the market, which I note with no shame.
Few reviews have already appeared on the web.

bruce dennis
27th May 2017, 09:00
Well done, Franek. It looks like an interesting story.


Franek Grabowski
1st June 2017, 21:01
Thanks, I hope so, but you need to check it yourself. ;)

Franek Grabowski
2nd August 2017, 00:26
A nice review appeared on Amazon.

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars A long overdue recognition of the Allies' first Ace of World War II, July 28, 2017
By Just A Guy
This review is from: Skalski: Against All Odds (Hardcover)
Polish author Frandiszek Grabowski's book has produced a remarkable--perhaps unique--insight into a long-overlooked chapter in the air war over Europe, 1939-1945. The role of the Polish airmen in that theater had an impact far beyond their limited numbers. This reality the author skillfully explains in a story that well describes their courageous aerial combat, no less so the vastly complicated politics of Polish airmen in the Royal Air Force. The serious historian of this subject will also appreciate the author's unrelenting committment to documenting this complex story, avoiding in the process the over-excited prose many other writers are prone to employ.

Polish pilot Stanislaw Skalski finished the war with at least 36 confirmed kills and numerous probables. Perhaps more importantly, he distinguished himself as a thoughtful flight leader, greatly admired and loyally followed by his fellow expatriate airmen. Sadly, it was his very high reputation for leadership that led to his post-war persecution at the hands of Poland's newly-arrived, communist masters.

This long-overdue accounting of Skalski, the pre-war Polish Air Force, and their subsequent contributions to the defeat of Nazi Germany, is both an entertaining and authoritative tale well worth the read.