View Full Version : Late 1930's / early 1940's RAF airfield layouts or plans?

13th June 2017, 10:24
I am building a diorama of a typical RAF airfield of the late 1930's / early 1940's and need to find a suitable plan or layout for a fighter airfield of this period, prior to the building of concrete runways or the use of Summerfeld track or pierced steel planking, to base it on.

Can anyone direct me to a suitable source or website where I could find this information?

13th June 2017, 17:06
Yakumo381, Hi,
If nobody comes to your help then try them over at https://www.airfieldresearchgroup.org.uk/. They know most things - or know who does!!
Peter Davies

13th June 2017, 21:47
You might want to try the American Air Museum (IWM) website (see link below) as I know they did have plans of Honington from 1938 and Wittering from 1939 and possible other in their grass state. Also check the aerial photos by searching for an airfield under the MEDIA category. Wittering was the fighter airfield but Honington was bombers.


You will have to check all 103 plans as they do not appear under the relevant airfield when searched - no idea why!

15th June 2017, 12:06
Thanks for the link, I will look to see what I can use although even in 1:72 scale it is difficult to represent more than only a small fraction of an airfield...