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Steve Brew
21st June 2017, 11:27
Hi all

According to Flight magazine of 25 October 1928 (https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1928/1928%20-%201021.html?search=GADD)...

"The follg. are granted short service comms. as Pilot Officers on probation with effect from and with seniority of October 12 :óM. H. Ballantyne, R. J. T. Barrett, J. Cherrill, D. H. V. Craig, E. J. Finnegan, T. Gadd, R. P. Garnons-Williams, C. R. J. Hawkins, M. T. M. Hyland, J. O. H. Lobley, L. T. Milner (Sec. Lieut., 5th Battn., K.O.Y.L.I., T.A.), B. A. Oakley, P. B. Rogers, J. D. H. Slade, J. R. Stebbing, A. T. Wilson, D. A. Woolfe, A. N. I. Worger-Slade."

However, I cannot find a subsequent entry posting them to flying training. Specifically, I am trying to establish when and where the above Thomas Gadd trained, but I cannot find anything on any of the men until their postings to operational units in June/July 1929. I wonder if the posting(s) were simply not published for this intake?

Does anyone have any resource that might assist, e.g. an early 1929 AFL?


21st June 2017, 13:14
Hi Steve

They were all U/T at No 3 FTS from 27 Oct 1928


Steve Brew
21st June 2017, 13:27
You are an officer and a gentleman Mr Barrass! Thank you very much.