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10th August 2017, 09:27

The K File has the following for Avro Tutor K2512

K2512 Deld to HAD 29.1.32; 3 FTS 16.6.33; Crashed 27.11.34; SOC 1.1.35 [314 hrs]

This is also stated on



Published: Friday 30 November 1934
Newspaper: Ripley and Heanor News and Ilkeston Division Free Press has the following

An R.A.F. plane of Tudor type made a forced landing in some fields known as the Cesters, Newthorpe, about three o'clock on Monday , afternoon. The machine. which was being piloted by Squadron-Leader Harold Jace Roach, was flying from Sealand to Grantham and was forced down through bad visibility. The pilot made a safe landing and the machine was undamaged. It was impossible take off again under the conditions. The machine was dismantled and taken to Hucknall.

Jace was later a AVM


But what is interesting is that he was at 3 FTS at the time

13 Dec 1933: Engineering Officer, No 3 Flying Training School.

3 FTS was RAF Spitalgate (sometimes called Grantham)

So if you read the above you can surmise that Jace was flying from Sealand (5 FTS) to Grantham (3 FTS) on Monday when he had the above incident.

Monday was actually 26th November 1934 so there is some ambiguity that they are not referring to the same incident and he was flying Tutor K2512. Unless 3 FTS had another Avro incident the day after.

10th August 2017, 13:50

Grantham Journal - Saturday 01 December 1934 "On Tuesday a plane from No 3 FTS crashed in one of Mr C Brix fields at Great Ponton. It appears that whilst attempting to land during practice the wing tip of the machine caught the hedge and a nose-dive resulted. The plane was damaged but the pilot crawled out unhurt.

This has to be the actual incident for K2512

Tuesday = 27th November Tutor I

So it looks like Roach's aircraft was another one..

A busy couple of days for 3 FTS

Especially as 3 FTS also lost Bristol Bulldog T.M K3939 at Leek, Staffordshire on November 26, 1934 not November 27, 1934 as quoted here


I know it was November 26, 1934 as the morning paper Nottingham Journal carries a story about the Bristol Bulldog incident