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Alex Smart
11th August 2017, 22:44

460427 - Unaccounted Airmen - 27-04-1946

From Henk's List -

DIXON, Norman Frederick - W/O(P) - 1523045 - RAFVR - Celle War Cemetery, Niedersachsen, Germany - [ Spitfire PR.II - PL894 - 1401 Flt ].

SALMON, Arthur George - Air Mechanic - 578539V - SAAF - Thaba Tshwane ( New) Military Cemetery, Gauteng, South Africa.
STODDART, R. B - W/O2c - 98371 SAAF - Thaba Tshwane ( New ) Military Cemetery, Gauteng, South Africa.

ALDRIDGE, Robert Branston Mooring - F/Lt - 106762 - RAFVR - Poole Cemetery, Dorset.
BENDIX, Peter Rudolf Robert - AC2c - 3061758- RAFVR - Clacton Cemetery, Essex.
JONES, Alfred Roland - F/Lt( Pilot ) - 183368 - RAFVR - Derby ( Nottingham Road ) Cemetery, Derbyshire.
WHITEHEAD, Gordon - AC2c - 3061663 - RAFVR - Liverpool ( Anfield ) Cemetery, Lancashire.
WILDEN, Ronald Noel - F/Sgt - 519980 - RAF - Old Newton ( St. Mary ) Churchyard, Suffolk.

From CWGC, and Geoff's Sites -

BENTLEY, James William - LAC - 83519 - RAAF - Perth War Cemetery and Annex, Western Australia, Australia.

JOHNSON, Philip Thomas - LAC - 1234409 - RAFVR - Karachi War Cemetery, Pakistan.


12th August 2017, 03:52


83519 LAC James William BENTLEY RAAF.

85319 LAC James William BENTLEY RAAF (of No.5 Personnel Depot, Perth, WA), was seriously injured in a motor- cycle/motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Shepperton Road and Mint Street, Victoria Park. Perth, WA. His motor-cycle collided with the side of a car/caravan combination. The pillion passenger, William George King, suffered concussion and lacerations. Bentley RAAF, was taken to Perth Hospital, but died a few hours after admission. The Coroner determined that Bentley (who was speeding), died an accidental death. The occupants of the car/caravan combo were unhurt.


12th August 2017, 09:59

ALDRIDGE, Robert Branston Mooring - F/Lt - registered in Bournemouth.
BENDIX, Peter Rudolf Robert - AC2 - registered in Hereford (possibly linked to Whitehead?).
JONES, Alfred Roland - F/Lt( Pilot ) - registered in Sleaford. (Flt Sgt Herbert Urion was killed/died the following day and also registered in Sleaford, so perhaps linked to Jones?)
WHITEHEAD, Gordon - AC2 - He was possibly serving at RAF Hereford as he was killed in a road traffic accident on the Hereford to Credenhill road.
WILDEN, Ronald Noel - F/Sgt - registered in Ampthill.

JOHNSON, Philip Thomas - LAC - 306 MU.


12th August 2017, 10:52

WILDEN, Ronald Noel - F/Sgt - 519980 - the Biggleswade Chronicle of May 3rd 1946 reported the following:

Airman's Suicide at Stondon
A F/Sgt in the R.A.F., Ronald Noel Wilden, stationed at the R.A.F. Station, Henlow, took his life by hanging himself at Stondon on Friday night.
At the inquest, conducted at the Camp by the District Coroner, Mr. R. G. Rose, on Tuesday, it was revealed that Wilden was worried about his work and possible demotion.
He recorded a verdict that Wilden hanged himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed.



6th August 2021, 16:08
Robert Braxton Mooring Aldridge 106762 , attached to Number 1 PHU, died of a sigmoid sarcoma of the colon, having been medically repatriated from the Middle East in October 1945

19th November 2021, 18:02
Alfred Roland Jones 183368 , attached to RAF Benson, was taken seriously ill on 24 April and Admitted to RAF Hospital Rauceby where he died of refractory anaemia

8th February 2023, 15:05
Peter Rudolf Robert Bendix 3061758 , attached to Number 11 SoTT, was killed in a road accident when his motor cycle collided with a bus