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Alex Smart
22nd September 2017, 16:40

460515 - Unaccounted Airmen - 15-05-1946

From Henk's List -

ISRAEL ( including Gaza )
WARNE, Francis Charles Albert - P/O - 201977 - RAFVR - Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel(including Gaza ).

ELLIS, William Raymond - W/O(Pilot) - 1315307 - RAFVR - Udine War Cemetery, Italy - [ Anson XII - PH747 - DAFCF ].

ELLIOTT, Samuel Coats - Cpl - 1241465 - RAFVR - Ryton Cemetery, Durham.
HOWARD, Robert George - Cpl - 930126 - RAFVR - Pitsea Old ( St. Michael ) Cemetery, Essex.
TAYLOR, John Thomas - LAC - 1358809 - RAFVR - Stourbridge Cemetery, Worcestershire.

From CWGC & Geoff's Sites -

SHAW, John Alexander - LAC - 165078 - RAAF - Newcastle ( Sandgate ) War Cemetery, New South Wales, Australia.


22nd September 2017, 19:14

ISRAEL ( including Gaza )
WARNE, Francis Charles Albert - P/O - RAF Jerusalem

ELLIOTT, Samuel Coats - Cpl - registered in Uxbridge.
HOWARD, Robert George - Cpl - registered in Brentwood.
TAYLOR, John Thomas - LAC - registered in Stourbridge.


23rd September 2017, 07:50


165078 LAC John Alexander SHAW RAAF.

165078 LAC John Alexander SHAW RAAF (of No.2 personnel Depot, Sydney), was seriously injured on 15 May, 1946, in a collision between a motor car and lorry on the Pacific Highway, about three miles from Belmont, New South Wales. He died later in the Newcastle Hospital from the effects of a fractured skull. The Coroner returned a verdict of accidental death.


23rd September 2017, 12:30

TAYLOR, John Thomas - LAC - 1358809 - the Lincolnshire Echo of May 20th 1946 reported the following:

Extra Food May Have Saved Life
It was stated at a Stourbridge inquest today by Prof. J. M. Webster, director of the Home Office Laboratory, Birmingham, that if a 32 year old painter and decorator had been grabted extra food and delicacies, and he had taken them, that he would have had a better chance of resisting the illness from which he died.
An application for extra food, it was stated, had been turned down.
The inquest was on John Thomas Taylor, of South Road, Stourbridge, who served in the R.A.F. for four years ans was discharged in September 1944 as medically unfit. He died from chronic bronchitis, bronchiextasis and emphysema, and wasting.
Dr. Cheese said thta he supported a Red Cross application to the Ministry of Food for extra food which, he stated, was necessary to build up Taylor between his severe attacks of illness.
Verdict: Death from natural causes.



22nd July 2021, 20:44
Robert George Howard 930126 , attached to RAF hospital Ely, died of a coronary thrombosis

18th March 2022, 00:13
Frederick Charles Albert Warne 20197 , was admitted seriously ill to Number 3 RAF Hospital on 11 May where he died of chronic peritonitis

26th April 2023, 22:41
Samuel Coates Elliottt 1241465 | attached to Number 1 Signals Depot | died at home on sick leave at Adrieme Avenue, Southall, Middlesex of syncope coronary atheroma with his wife Mrs. S.A, Elliott present