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8th October 2017, 21:52
Two part question.
Would anyone have a confirmation of this set of photos of the early Hampden L4032, were they taken during 1938 possibly by Aeroplane magazine?

http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Foto-Britisches-Militarflugzeug-Royal-AF-HP-Hampden-I-L-4032-1040838-/382226743500?hash=item58fe7d40cc:g:JJwAAOSwqSVZuex o

I have googled the bejasus out of this, if only Aeroplane had their archive online,

and, would anyone have the 1941 ORB for 106 Sqn and be willing to share it on to a veterans family for me. I'm just trying to curtail my spending on the UK NA website.

Many thanks!

9th October 2017, 11:41
Hi Dennis

Note the first of your references says Flight photo.............as such it is still on the website of Flight Global the modern day inheritors of Flight/Flight International. Not to say that they didn t get it from another source !
Do you have reason to suspect its not a "Flight" photo?
Apologies in advance if I'm reading tis wrong.

9th October 2017, 14:19
Your right, I didn't see that

I've seen photos like this last night with Aeroplane credits also

It would suggest to me a 1938 publicity flight and photo shoot

Alex Smart
9th October 2017, 16:16
The only photo that I could find in the 1938 pages of L4032 was a ground shot, under which was the caption "Flight" photograph. 1938-1575.
Perhaps those shown in the above post were taken at the same time but used at a later date ?