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15th October 2017, 15:41
I'm researching a Rhodesian who was a frontline pilot with 266sq on Typhoons. I would like to know if there was a maximum amount of hours or sorties before you were removed from frontline ops to another role, e.g instructor, desk, or ferry pilot?
The pilot in question had a prang in 1945 whilst conducting a ferry flight after numerous operational sorties in the previous two years.

3rd September 2019, 08:47

I've read in the book Wings of Chance by Denis Sweeting that, after D-Day, Typhoon pilots had to perform 40 rocket attaks before beeing withdraw from operational units...it was the theory and most of the survivors took part to 80 or more. I guess that the number was slightly different from a unit to another but in most of the Log Book I had the chance to see, pilots had flown a hundred of missions during their tour. For bomber crews it was around 30 missions for a tour.


6th September 2019, 07:55
Hi, generally the operational tour was set by number of operational hours flown or number of sorties - what come first.
The amounts were different depending the war theater, bomber/fighter/coastal/transport command, aircraft twin/four engine, land/water, etc.
I have one roster from 1943-1944 so I can check if there is anything specific for this sort of unit.