View Full Version : F/L David Moore Crook - training

22nd October 2017, 23:35
Does anyone happen to know where F/L Crook completed his training to wings standard? In his book "Spitfire Pilot" he indicated his advanced training took place in the autumn and early winter of 1939 and was on the Harvard (presumably the MK 1 at that early date) and was conducted in Gloucestershire, but he doesn't give any further information apart from the fact that he and his wife stayed at "The New Inn".

According to David Berryman Fighter Command set up No 12 Group Pool at Aston Down Aug. 23, 1939 and Harvards were one of the types used by that unit. And of course there's a "New Inn" in the city of Gloucester, but that's rather far to commute daily to Aston Down. The nearest village is Minchinhampton but there's no "New Inn" there these days. Nailsworth is also close but again, no such hotel at present.

F/L Crook's log book is available for inspection at the National Archives in Kew, but I'm a resident of Vancouver Island in Canada and in any event it would be a bit of a project to gain access to it, even for a UK resident. I admit it's just to satisfy a curiosity engendered by reading the book yesterday. One tries to picture the sites mentioned in autobiographies, while reading them ...