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Alex Smart
28th October 2017, 02:20

460604 - Unaccounted Airmen - 04-06-1946

From Henk's List -

GILFILLAN, Ronald Edgar - LAC - 1494244 - RAFVR - Hamburg Cemetery, Hamburg, Germany.

ISRAEL & PALESTINE ( including Gaza )
TINKLER, William Arthur - LAC - 1695722 - RAFVR - 2902 Sqdn RAF Regiment - Khayat Beach War Cemetery, Israel & Palestine ( including Gaza ).

HUBBARD, Russell Peter - LAC - 1642285 - RAFVR - Wortham ( St. Mary ) Churchyard, Suffolk.
ISHERWOOD, Ralph - LAC - 1522640 - RAFVR - Brinsworth ( St. George ) Churchyard, Yorkshire.
LIVSEY, Herbert - AC1c - 1675203 - RAFVR - Nottingham Crematorium, Nottinghamshire.
MARKS, William Victor - Cpl - 936658 - RAFVR - Sheffield ( Abbey Lane ) Cemetery, Yorkshire.
ROBERTS, William Arthur - Cpl - 1313882 - RAFVR - Dylais Higher ( Dyffryn Cellwen ) Cemetery, Glamorganshire.

From CWGC & Geoff's Sites -

ABRAHAM, K. C. - Enrolled Follower - 53119 - RIAF - Delhi/Karachi 1939-1945 War Memorials, India.
BUDD, Eric Daniel - LAC - 3011404 - RAFVR - Madras War Cemetery, Chennai, India.


28th October 2017, 09:48

GILFILLAN, Ronald Edgar - LAC - 1494233 - 5 M.T.B.D.

HUBBARD, Russell Peter - LAC - 1642285 - the Diss Express of June 14th 1946 reported that his "death occurred at a Military Hospital in Norwich, after a long illness following an operstion in Cairo."

ISHERWOOD, Ralph - LAC - 1522640 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at Victoria Hospital, Worksop.

LIVSEY, Herbert - AC1c - 1675203 - an announcement in the Derby Daily Telegraph of June 5th 1946 states that he died at the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary.

MARKS, William Victor - Cpl - 936658 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at The City General Hospital, Sheffield.

ROBERTS, William Arthur - Cpl - 1313882 - without having his age, not sure. There's a William A. Roberts, aged 24, registered Marylebone, June 1946. No matches on Scotland's People.

BUDD, Eric Daniel - LAC - 3011404 - 34 SP



4th March 2021, 11:10
William Arthur Roberts 1313882 was found dead in his billet at Viceroy Court, Prince Albert Road, Regents Park, London, shortly before he was due to take part in the Victory Parade. It was ruled that he'd suffered an epileptic fit and died from the regurgitation of his stomach contents into his lungs

6th October 2021, 23:13
William Arthur Tinkler 1695722 , fell through a window from a ladder on 15 May suffering a 7inch splinter of glass into the outer posterior surface of his left thigh. He pulled the splinter out but it broke and pieces stayed in his leg. Admitted to Number 42 General hospital and hour later , the wound was dressed and x rayed and glass splinters removed, and two days later the packing was removed. A severe heamorhage occurred and the wound was enlarged and a ligature applied to a branch of the profunda femoria. The wound was closed and a drain inserted for 72 hours. On 2 June, he complained of severe pain and had a temperature of 102 and was given a course of penicillin. On 4 June he suffered two successive Sharp heamorhage losing over a pint of blood and was transfused and then operated upon during which he died. A post mortem found he had died of shock and toxameia as a result of weakness caused by The heamorhage which led to necrosis and septacemia

29th April 2022, 00:46
Eric Daniel Budd 3011404 , died of para typhoid

28th July 2022, 16:05
Ronald Edgar Gilfillan 1494233 ,attached to Number 51 MT BD , committed suicide by hanging in Hamburg

7th March 2023, 16:44
Russell Peter Hubbard 1642285 | attached to Number 104 PDC | was admitted seriously ill to Number 5 RAF Hospital in the Middle East on 30 January suffering with a lung abscess. He was evacuated to the U.K. ON 2 April has admitted to the Royal South Hants hospital in Southampton. Transferred dangerously ill to St. Andrews hospital, Thorpe, on 4 May, he died of empyema and carcinoma of the lung

10th August 2023, 18:19
Ralph Isherwood 1522640 | attached to RAF Finningley | was seriously injured in a MT accident , along with his wife who was riding pillion, on 2 June at Budby, near Ollerton, Notts, between 18:00 and 19:00 Hours whilst off duty when his motorcycle came into collision. Both were admitted to the Victoria hospital at Worksop, where he died at 10:00 Hours

Again, Isherwood is already accounted in the database, simply by virtue of the location of his death

10th August 2023, 18:25
William Victor Marks 936658 | attached to RAF Little Staughton| died in the City General hospital, Sheffield, of pulmonary tuberculosis with his mother, Mrs. J Harrison of Rooksmore Road, Sheffield, at his bedside