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20th November 2017, 11:08
Can anyone please supply a date Ernest Shakespeare Borthwick-Clarke joined 17 Sqn?. His last posting I can see in Flight is to H.Q., Aden Command 4.5.28 - I think that this was such a awful location for a posting at the time that they were limited to maybe even less than 2 years? Anyway I know he as was on 17 Sqn by May 1931 and left in March 1934. Probably as a Flight Commander on B Flight. Many thanks Paul

Steve Brew
20th November 2017, 12:16
Hey Paul

ES Borthwick-Clarke is one of my 41 Sqn boys. He joined 17 Sqn on 30 April 1930.

Let me know if you would like any further info on him.


20th November 2017, 13:54

Thanks that is all I need to know for now

I am trying to work out who is who from

"AIR 10-1481 Report on Flying Accidents during Jan.-June 1931 Page 5 Collision No Injury In Air Bulldog 74 hours solo on type, 170 solo on all types 5 months since wings. Other 58 hours solo on type, 174 on all types. 8 months since wings. Rolling in close flight formation: B on observing that A had lost position tried to close up into A's place. A did not see B doing so and in attempting to regain his own position collided with B."

As W. H. Kyle, joined No. 17 Sqdn 14.12.29 . I assume Kyle is 74 hours solo on type, 170 solo on all types 5 months since wings and ES Borthwick-Clarke and 17 Sqn on 30 April 1930 is 58 hours solo on type, 174 on all types. 8 months since wings



Steve Brew
21st November 2017, 12:22
Hi Paul

I'm not sure that's correct. While I cannot tell you the exact date he was awarded his Wings, his prior postings suggest to me that he had probably had them several years by the time of his mid-air collision with Kyle:

enl as Pte (22510) in 62 Trng Res Btn, Cardiff, 7 May 17
1 Cadet Wg, Res Trng Corps, St Leonards-on-Sea, 18 Sep 17
53 Res Trng Btn, 1 Nov 17
disch on app to com Prob Temp 2 Lt, RFC, 4 Jan 18
RAF Tern Hill, 1918-19
com Plt Off in RAF, 1 Apr 18
Lt (Fg Off), 5 Jul 19
216 Sqn, Kantara, 18 Dec 19
Cadre, APS, Andover, 10 Jan 22
11 Sqn, Andover, 15 Jan 23
111 Sqn, Dxfd, 1 Oct 23
Record Office, Ruislip, 5 Dec 23
Adjt, 41 Sqn, 11 Jun 26-14 Jan 27
HQ Fighting Area, Uxb, 15 Jan 27
Flt Lt, 1 Jul 27
HQ Aden Cmd, 4 May 28
HQ, Fighting Area, Uxb, 15 Jan 29
17 Sqn, Upavon, 30 Apr 30
SHQ Nthvn, 1 Mar 34
Adjt, 6 FTS, Nthvn, 1 Apr 35
Sqn Ldr, 1 Jun 36
OC, 4 Wg, EWS, Cranwell, 5 Oct 36

I assume - but am happy to be corrected - that he was awarded his Wings in 1918.

Sorry to throw a spanner in the works!


22nd November 2017, 08:48

Thanks for summary of his career

I don't believe the hours since wings etc figure .. Either a typo or my mistake - I was more interested on hours on type - As Kyle would have been on Sqn longer than Borthwick-Clarke and had more bulldog hours - Kyle's own description of incident says he hit from behind, so he was 'B' in report

Since had it confirmed that Kyle on J9590 and Borthwick-Clarke on K1081

Some Wreckage of J9590 was recovered in mid 1980's