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Alex Smart
22nd December 2017, 23:01

460715 - Unaccounted Airwoman & Airmen - 15-07-1946

From Henk's List -

STROCK, Guilda - Section Officer - 7408 - WAAF
Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel & Palestine ( including Gaza).

ECCLES, Edward - AC2c - 1699487 - RAFVR
Lower Darwen ( St. James ) Churchyard, Lancashire.
KEEN, Andrew Martin - AC2c - 3061608 - RAFVR
Amersham Consecrated Cemetery, Buckinghamshire.
MITCHELL, Magnus Wallace - LAC - 1367214 - RAFVR
Dundee Western Cemetery, Angus.
MUTTON, Percival Albert - LAC - 1717467 - RAFVR
St. Pancreas Cemetery, Middlesex.
SNART, Bertie - LAC - 1268657 - RAFVR
Clacton Cemetery, Essex.

From CWGC, Krzystka's & Geoff's Sites -

HOBSON, Arthur Bruce - LAC - RAAF
Deniliquin War Cemetery, New South Wales, Australia.

OWEN, Richard Edward - AC2c - 2268520 - RAFVR
Karachi War Cemetery, Pakistan.


23rd December 2017, 00:58


165353 LAC Arthur Bruce HOBSON RAAF.

165353 LAC (Flight Rigger) Arthur Bruce HOBSON RAAF (of No.7 Aircraft Depot, Tocumwal, NSW), was electrocuted at RAAF Deniliquin, on 15 July, 1946. LAC Hobson, along with a companion, was recharging a mobile-type electrically-driven air compressor. Hobson plugged the lead into the power point and switched on the power, he then ran his hand along the lead and when he was four feet from the compressor, he yelled, and collapsed to the ground unconscious.
Unfortunately, the lead had an exposed live wire which Hobson had touched. Artificial respiration was immediately started and he was removed to Denilquin hospital where death was pronounced.

The coroner found death was due to accidental contact with an exposed electric wire.

Hobson had arrived at Care & Maintenance Unit, Deniliquin (from RAAF Tocumwal), only a few days before.


23rd December 2017, 11:18

STROCK, Guilda - Section Officer - RAF Lydda.

ECCLES, Edward - AC2 - registered in Amounderness.
KEEN, Andrew Martin - AC2 - registered in Weston super Mare.
MITCHELL, Magnus Wallace - LAC - not Eng/Wales?.
MUTTON, Percival Albert - LAC - registered in Islington.
SNART, Bertie - LAC - not Eng/Wales?.

OWEN, Richard Edward - AC2 - ABCU Karachi.


23rd December 2017, 11:35
Alex and Malcolm,

A little more on the following:

ECCLES, Edward - AC2c - 1699487 - the Lancashire Evening Post of July 17th 1946 reported the following:

"Aggravated by War Service"
A verdict that "death was due to heart failure following treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis, aggravated by war service," was recorded by the District Coroner (Mr. W. Blackhurst) at a Preston inquest on Edward Eccles, aged 45, of Pollard Street, Preston, to-day. Eccles died in Sharoe Green Hospital, on Monday. Eccles had been discharged from the R.A.F. with a 100 per cent disability pension.

MITCHELL, Magnus Wallace - LAC - 1367214 - an announcement in the Dundee Courier of July 16th records that he died at Dundee Royal Infirmary.

MUTTON, Percival Albert - LAC - 1717467 - a family tree on ancestry.co.uk records that he died at Archway Holloway, Upper Holloway.

SNART, Bertie - LAC - 1268657 - Bert Snart, registered Braintree, Essex, September 1946. The National Probate Calendar records him as Bertie, and states that he died at Black Notley Sanatorium, near Colchester.



23rd February 2021, 20:31
Samuel Lesser 924286 died in the Brompton hospital sanatorium of tuberculosis

25th September 2021, 17:24
Magnus Wallace Mitchell 1367214 , a medically discharged airman, died in Dundee Royal Infirmary of tuberculosis complicated by broncho pneumonia and General peritonitis

18th December 2021, 12:08
Richard Edward Owen 2268520 , was admitted seriously ill to to the RAF Hospital , Karachi, on 26 June. He became dangerously ill on 8 July and died of typhoid fever

3rd February 2022, 22:07
Andrew Martin Keen 3061608 , attached to RAF Locking, was fatally Injured two miles from the station whilst returning from leave on his motorcycle , dying of head Injuries the following morning

12th January 2023, 17:29
Percival Albert Mutton 1717467 , a medically discharged Airman at the time of his death, died in Archway hospital, London, of pulmonary tuberculosis

22nd August 2023, 17:16
Bertie Snart 1268657 | attached to Number 1 PHU | died in Black Notley hospital, Braintree, Essex of pulmonary tuberculosis