View Full Version : 605. Sq. ORB Appendics for October 1944.?

17th January 2018, 00:28
Hello and thanks for add!

I am looking for this documents, but on National Archives site I can not locate them.

Are they preserved at all, or possibly not scanned?

My goal is to find out ID letters of the three Mosquitos of 605. Squadron that performed Day Ranger mission on 11. October 1944.

Thank you for help!

Marko Jeras
Zagreb, Croatia

bruce dennis
17th January 2018, 09:49
Hello Marko and welcome to the forum. The ORB for 605 Squadron in 1944 are in AIR27/2091.


Each month has two files, one a Summary of Events and the other a Record of Events.
Please let me know if I can help further.


17th January 2018, 16:41
Thank you. I do have 2090&2091 but Appendices for October 1944 are not there.

17th January 2018, 19:40
Hello Marko,

The Appendices are in AIR 27/2092 but unfortunately only from the period 1943 Feb 01 - 1943 Apr 30 (possible to download).


18th January 2018, 00:19
Yes. That I saw. But what about October 1944?

Anyway, please can someone might help me to find plane ID letters? Was it usual practise not to write plane letter in ORB for Day Ranger missions?