View Full Version : Confounding the Reich by Martin Bowman & Tom Cushing

22nd March 2018, 19:42
Does anybody know if these books by Martin Bowman & Tom Cushing: "Confounding the Reich - Operational History of 100 Group (Bomber Support) RAF" published in 1996 by Patrick Stephens Ltd and "Confounding the Reich - The RAF's Secret War of Electronic Countermeasures in World War II" published in 2004 by Pen&Sword are the same books with just different subtitles or they have completely different content?


15th June 2018, 23:55
Hi Greg

They are 'sort of' the same book, although the later edition contains some text (I think) and pictures (certainly) that aren't in the earlier one - and vice versa.

A sort of re-written version, I guess you could say. Both good though.


Pedro Ramis
6th February 2021, 18:01
Hello everyone,
I just saw this thread and would like to give my input.
'Confounding the Reich' offers a much longer text relating the history and deeds of 100 Group, while 'Confound & Destroy' is much closer to an handbook on the subject with more analysis and appendixes of the various actions, lists of each type of items, aircraft, etc
Very different from one another in my view, but both very good to acquire.