View Full Version : SQUADRONS! No. 24: The Douglas Boston & Havoc - Night Fighter

Phil Listemann
24th March 2018, 07:41
Good Morning,

I'm pleased to announce the release a new title in the 'SQUADRONS!' series:

The Douglas Boston & Havoc - Night Fighter

'The Douglas Boston or Havoc is one major aircraft of WW2. Designed as a light bomber, it proved to be very versatile and was used with success in various roles over all theatres of operations. In the RAF it served as a night fighter for defensive role since the beginning, first with conventional equipment, later using various devices like the land mines or a huge searchlight installed in the nose. This book tells how the Havoc was used between 1941 and 1943 in this role. 48 pages, over 30 photos and 4 colour profiles.'


I'd like to thank once more those who contributed in a way or another to this title.