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Henk Welting
24th July 2008, 15:38
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

LAC (Pilot u/t) Sidney J.H. BOURTON - 1259903 - not found Flight archives, and
AC2 Bernard CARTWRIGHT - 908691 - not found Flight archives.

Proposed aircraft losses:

Master I - N7762 - 8 FTS - abandoned near Laurencekirk, Kincadineshire.
Oxford I - R6296 - 11 FTS - crashed on take-off Bredenbury, 4 miles NW of Bromyard, Hereford.
Oxford II - R6400 - RAFC - crashed in forced landing Upper Tean, Staffordshire.

Also looking for the aircraft serial of a Blenheim IV of 139 Sqn that may have returned safely to base however one crewmember fatally injured:
Sgt (WOp/Ag) Alfred E. HARRISON - 641056 - 139 Sqn (Horsham St.Faith, Norfolk) - Flight Global: Died of wounds or injuries received in action.

Regards and thanks for your help.

Andy Ingham
24th July 2008, 16:04
Sidney J.H. BOURTON death registered at Cheadle
Bernard CARTWRIGHT death registered at Rochford.

24th July 2008, 16:18
Depending on which Cheadle Bourton's death was register at he could have been in R6400 as Upper Tean close to Cheadle, Staffs.

Henk Welting
25th July 2008, 11:09
Thanks Andy and Al for your reaction. Do hope Andy may confirm it was Cheadle, Staffordshire and we have another one deleted from the long list.

Still looking for someone who has access to the ORB 139 Sqn.


25th July 2008, 11:31
Hi Henk
The Cheadle Registrars Office is the one in Staffordshire. The other Cheadle is not too far away but is on the edge of Manchester and is part of Stockport which has it's own Registrars Office.

Henk Welting
25th July 2008, 16:43
Thanks Dick for confirmation Cheadle.

Martyn A Critchlow
25th April 2017, 15:05
LAC (Pilot u/t) Sidney J.H. BOURTON - 1259903
Listed as KOAS
Casualty Communique No 59 in Flight -February 13, 1941


25th April 2017, 19:02
Bourton - He was killed whilst flying Oxford, R6400 of the RAFC which crashed in a forced landing at Upper Tean in Staffordshire.


26th February 2021, 15:07
UPGRADE Donald Leighton Poegal R 79931, he died of scarlet fever

12th March 2021, 15:42
Hubert Graham Price 1015934, attached to Number 1 ITW, was admitted to Port Talbot isolation hospital suffering from influenzal pneumonia and died the same day

15th March 2022, 21:18
Clifford Austin Crowle 1179313 , attached to RAF Wilmslow , died in SSQ of influenzal broncho pneumonia

15th April 2022, 10:06
Alwyn De'ath 1260021 , attached to 13 MU , attached to station defence section, died in Arlsley EMS hospital of broncho pneumonia

2nd December 2022, 21:30
Bernard Cartwright 908691 , attached to RAF Southend, died in Southend Police station in a self inflicted hanging

21st July 2023, 20:28
George William Thomas Coleman 955493 | Attached to Number 3 Signals School | died in RAF Hospital Yatesbury of septacemia from a subphrenic abscess following the perforation of a duodenal ulcer