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Henk Welting
26th July 2008, 12:16
What caused the death of:

F/O John W. HARRIS - 83095 - commemorated Panel 1 Column 1 of the Malta Air Forces Memorial.

It's possible that he was attd to HMS Illustrious, attacked that day by Ju 87s and many Naval-, FAA- and 14 RAF personnel killed when the armoured flight deck was penetrated bij an 100 lb (1000 lb ?) bomb.

All 14 RAF are commemorated on the Malta Air Forces Memorial, FAA-personnel all on the See-on-the-Solent Memorial.

Regards and thanks for your help.

26th July 2008, 14:06
Hi Henk,

You are correct. He was attented to HMS Illustrious according my RAF Micro-fiche.

Best regards

Finn Buch

Henk Welting
26th July 2008, 14:27
Thanks Finn for confirmation.

dave bristol
27th July 2008, 19:51
Henk, Finn

It is interesting to see the name of F/O John Harris associated with HMS Illustrious as his name does not feature on the list on the naval-history website for RAF fatalities as a result of the bombing of HMS Illustrious. The fifteen names which are given are :
Corporal William J T BEHAN 534795 see note 1
Corporal Charles ELLERINGTON 525580 see note 1
Leading Aircraftsman Clifford J Z GODDARD 541273, see note 2
Leading Aircraftsman Frederick A HARLEY 565253 see note 1, see note 3
Corporal Edwin HOUGH 542192 see note 1, see note 4
Sergeant Cyril D S HYSLOP 526270 see note 1, see note 2
Corporal Ronald E JARVIS 565054 see note 1
Sergeant Arthur C LEACH 560852, see note 1, see note 2
Leading Aircraftsman James H LONGMORE 535291, see note 1, see note 3
Leading Aircraftsman Norman L MORRIS 620460, see note 1
Corporal Fred ROBINSON 525218, see note, see note 2
Flight Sergeant Harold TYSON 550134, see note, see note 2
Flight Sergeant Vincent R VIGNAUX 560946 see note 2
Corporal John F WILBY 522160, see note 1
Corporal John B WILLAN 536534 see note 1

Checking these fifteen names against the CWGC site:
1 Thirteen have an annotation “Serving on HMS Illustrious”
2 Six shown as with 806 Sqn.
3 Two shown as with 815 Sqn.
4 One shown as with 802 Sqn.

On the CWGC site the details for F/O Harris there is no annotation re HMS Illustrious.

I can offer no explanation as to why the name of F/O John Harris is not included on the naval history site, perhaps other forum members more familiar with the casualty reporting procedures could comment. Although assigned to Illustrious perhaps he was not on the carrier at the critical time but then how/where was he killed?

Dave Molyneux

Henk Welting
28th July 2008, 16:47
Dave, Finn,
I know Harris' name was not on the Naval List, therefore my thread on this forum. Also tried in vain to reach our good friend Kevin Mifsud from Malta but my two mails to him were bounced because his postbox is full.
So please Kevin, if you read this thread............................................ .........you know what you have to do !!!

22nd September 2017, 14:30

F/O John W. HARRIS - 83095 - the R.A.F. Deaths Overseas database confirms his unit as H.M.S. Illustrious.



3rd June 2021, 23:39
Arthur Jeffery Stevens 358255 , died of injuries sustained in an air raid in Gosport

4th June 2021, 18:03
Corporal Arthur Jeffrey STEVENS (358255) of the Royal Air Force
AIR 81/15353 Corporal A J Stevens: died of injuries; enemy air attack over Gosport, Hampshire, 10 January 1941.

25th March 2022, 11:26
Harold Withall Aston 830501 , attached to 11 MU , but detached to Number 1 GDGS at Castletown, IOM , for training, was admitted seriously ill to Douglas Military hospital on 4 January, where he died of heart failure due to arteriosclerosis

16th April 2022, 08:40
Richard Eric James Holmes 76344 , was admitted dangerously ill to RAF Hospital West Kirby on 5 January where he died of post diphtheric paralysis