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2nd July 2018, 07:53
Found a little more about this incident

AEROPLANE’S FORCED LANDING An R.A.F. aeroplane travelling from Gloucester to Duxford was damaged when the pilot made forced landing in a field near Hnleote (unclear) Wood at about 4.30 p.m. Tuesday. Owing to bail visibility the pilot decided to come down, and the uneven field caused the undercarriage the- machine to badly damaged. The pilot was unhurt. The aeroplane was removed on the following day. .

Published: Friday 23 April 1937
Newspaper: Bedfordshire Times and Independent

19 Sqn ORB cannot be viewed on Nation al Archives even in obscured state and anyway I am not 100% convinced it would be listed anyway = but does anyone know the pilot involved?


2nd July 2018, 13:04

The location is Hulcote Wood (marked 'Holcot' on OS map), and is just south of Cranfield at 153/9540. The village of Holcote is to the SW at 153/9438.

I have a sub. to to the Newspaper Archive and so was able to read the original.



2nd July 2018, 13:59

thanks for correction to location


2nd July 2018, 15:29

Mni tks for the impact location details!

I’d tried to find it using logic and reasoned argument. I got close – but not close enough!!

It had to be in Bedfordshire to be in The Bedfordshire Times & Independent?
A straight line from Brockworth to Duxford takes one very close to (a) Little Rissington (1/3rd(?) of the way) and (b) the newly opened Cranfield (2/3rds of the way).
These would have made ideal Visual ID TPs from a navigational point of view?

Few of the other many a/fs near to the possible route had been built in 1937 (many may have been building?).

There would have been no problems with over-flying Milton Keynes. It was only a tiddly little village in 1937!!

I would like comments from the experts on this forensic sort of approach. It can be used when new problems of a similar sort come up (Don’t clutter this thread up – just drop me a PM, or an email, with your comments. I would appreciate them!).

Peter Davies

Martin Gleeson
2nd July 2018, 23:00

There is nothing in the 19 Squadron ORB about this accident, in fact there is not one entry for April 1937 ! The whole of 1937 is covered by just over two pages; mostly details of officers, sports and various events. Not one mention of any aircraft accidents or casualties.
There might be a F.1180 for this accident which should give the name, however if it has an accident card at all it is much more likely to be of the F.1183 type which does not record names.



3rd July 2018, 06:22

Thanks for checking