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Henk Welting
27th July 2008, 14:28
What caused the death of and/or what was the place of death registration for:

LAC Jack HARDING - 853736 - 8 BC, 919 (Balloon) Sqn, Birlenhead - not found Flight archives.

Regards and thanks for your help.

18th June 2009, 23:02
I can't see this name on the registers at all. For any quarter. Nor can I see him in Flight magazine.

There is a 41 year old John Harding registered in NEWTON district which might be Newton district lancs, as opposed to Newton Abbot district, Devonshire. The latter I can see from the same page is written 'Newton A.'

Henk Welting
19th June 2009, 10:07
Thanks Dennis. 919 (Balloon Sqn - Birkenhead) had another member doas two days later (20-1-1941) who's death was registered at Birkenhead (LAC Rupert R. McNEIGHT - 853883).

24th September 2017, 18:53

LAC Jack HARDING - 853736 - the Liverpool Echo of January 21st 1941 carried the following annoucement:

HARDING - Jan. 18, in hospital, aged 41 years, L.A.C. JOHN HARDING (of the R.A.F.), beloved husband of Gertrude Harding.

As pointed out by Dennis in post # 2, there is a John Harding, aged 41, registered at Newton, Lancs, Marh 1941.



22nd April 2021, 14:14
Leonard Wilfred Lambert 549212 , attached to 84 Squadron, died suddenly at 14:40 hours of acute right sided heart faliure

4th May 2021, 15:12
Thomas Haydn Wood 633268 , was seriously injured at 20:00 hours in a motor vehicle accident at the level crossing at Narborough, Norfolk, he was admitted to RAF Hospital, Ely where he died of injuries

2nd October 2021, 20:02
Thomas Haydn Wood 633268 , was seriously injured in a road accident at 20:00 hours on 13 January when a car he was a passenger in, hit a tree at Magpie Corrner near the level crossing at Narborough, Norfolk. Driven by another Sergeant Stephen Charles Cox with Airmen passengers, who had borrowed the car to spend an evening in Norwich, they had got lost and ended up in Swaffham from where they decided to go on to Kings Lynn. After a stop in the ship in where Sergeant Cox only consumed soft drinks the car lost control on a sharp bend at 20 MPH and hit a tree, extensivley damaging the car and injuring 3 of the occupants. Admitted to RAF hospital, Ely, Wood died of a fractured skull without having regained consciousness

19th April 2022, 07:37
Wilfred Lambert 1108389 , was admitted seriously ill to Number 35 General hospital on 1 July 1943, after 7 days of feeling unwell, where at 13:00 Hours he went to the toilet and suffered melaena and heamatemesis . A second heamatemesis followed and he was transfused with 2 pints of blood and two pints of saline. His condition continued to deteriorated and he died suddenly of heart failure . A post mortem revealed an almond sized gastric ulcer 2/3 of the way down the lesser curve of the stomach with one large blood veseel at the ulcer centre and 20 lesser on the edges. His stomach and intestines were full of blood

19th April 2022, 22:35
Jack ( JOHN in his records ) Harding 853736, attached to 919 Balloon Centre, was taken seriously ill on 27 December 1940 and admitted to RAF Station hospital, Padgate, suffering with asthma and nephritis, becoming dangerously ill and dying of myocardial failure

15th December 2022, 16:00
Peter Glen 1017699 , attached to Number 8 SoTT, was admitted dangerously ill to RAF Hospital Weeton on 7 January suffering with tuberculosis, where he died of meningitis