View Full Version : Side Code and a/c in Squadron letter ?

Alex Smart
3rd August 2008, 22:03

Can someone clear up the following that i have a problem with ?

"Aces high " by Chris Shores and Clive Williams has the following -
Page 551.
"He baled out of X/T 716, but his parachute failed to open."
"Spitfires over Sicily" by Brian Cull and Nicola Malizia and Frederick Galea has the following -
Pages 45 & 215.
"A few second later he was seen to bale out of his Spitfire (EP716/X-A) from 800 feet and hit the sea with his parachute streaming behind him."

Spitfire EP716 from 229 Squadron Squadron Code "X" but which a/c letter is correct, "A" or "T" ???

Many thanks