View Full Version : Bomber Command Losses Volume 9

Jim Robinson
4th December 2007, 19:27
For info.

I ordered my copy today from Midland. They are not in stock yet but they are expecting delivery, "soon"


4th December 2007, 21:09
"Soon" for Midland Counties being sometime in the next 3 months?

Did they give any definite timescale?


6th December 2007, 12:15
I can recommend "BurningBlueBooks" (www.Burning BlueBooks.com) at Woodhall Spa-01526354501-they are fast and efficient and will also be having Vol 9 in and sent to me asap.

Errol Martyn
6th December 2007, 20:24
I understand that BCL Vol 9 will be on sale later this month.


7th December 2007, 17:15
Great minds think alike Errol. I went to the Midlands site yesterday to order a copy but held off since it said that it hadn't been released yet. I've been caught out before ordering before release and expecting a book within weeks only to have to wait for months. Still, I'm very anxious to get hold of a copy, I'm sure it will be an excellent addition to my bookshef (I've just ordered more bookshelves as I've run out of space on the exisiting ones!!!).

Greetings from Scotland