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Henk Welting
8th August 2008, 17:32
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

LAC (Pilot u/t) Robert G. HEWLETT-WHITAKER - 1152416 - not found Flight archives, and
LAC (Pilot u/t) Roger F. NEWMAN - 927517 - killed on active service.

Proposed aircraft loss for this day:

Master I - N8000 - 8 FTS - flew into ground near Kilrenny, Fifeshire.
Blenheim IV - T2040 - 59 Sqn - abandoned near Lamerton, near Tavistock, Devon.

Regards and thanks for your help.

Henk Welting
8th August 2008, 17:38
Another 59 Sqn Blenheim loss for this day was V5394 (overshot landing at night St.Eval).


8th August 2008, 18:46
Hi Henk
Nothing on the 2 names,which could mean Scotland, but Warner has no deaths or injuries on the 2 Blenheims

8th August 2008, 19:24
HEWLETT-WHITAKER is also reported as Killed on Active Service. His number is given as 1152146 in Flight


Andy Ingham
8th August 2008, 22:00
The death of both men are registered in Kilry, Angus, Scotland.
They both are recorded as pupil pilots and died as a result of multiple injuries.
The informant was from 8 FTS, Montrose.
I think it is safe to say both were on Master I - N8000.

9th August 2008, 01:40
Here's the ORB entry for 8 FTS on that day

February 23rd 1941, “No.1152416 LAC R.G. Hewlett-Whitaker and No.927517 LAC R.F.
Newman, (both 27 Course), crashed in Master N8000 – believed through unauthorised low
flying. Investigation held 24/2/41.”

Henk Welting
9th August 2008, 10:39
Thanks friends for this quick and clear response.

13th July 2019, 18:30
For this date, 61 Air School ORB
904299 Sgt Bland G L pupil of No 4 Course reported drowned at VICTORIA BAY. Body not recovered.

26th Feb - Body of Sgt Bland found
28th Feb - Funeral of Sgt Bland at George