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Henk Welting
9th August 2008, 15:49
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

P/O David N. HARPER - 60533 - killed on active service;
Sgt (Airgunner) Frank F. JEFFERIES - 755857 - killed on active service, and
AC1 Charles WRIGHT - 909460 - not found Flight archives.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Anson I - K6190 - 2 SAN - crashed in forced landing Pickmere, Cheshire.
Blenheim I - L1178 - crashed - unit not known; latest assigned to 68 Sqn (no record in 68 Sqn ORB).
Lysander II - P9072 - 1 SAC - flew in high ground near Dinton, Wiltshire.
Master I - N7871 - 5 FTS - crashed in forced landing Peggleworth Hall, Andersford, Cheshire.
Master I - T8680 - 5 FTS - crashed; no further details.
Wallace II - K6068 - 1 GDGS - crashed on landing Ronaldsway.

Regards and thanks for your help.

9th August 2008, 16:18
I don't have anything from 2 SoAN or 5 FTS for this day, the earliest entry in the 2 SoAN ORB I have a copy of is August 41.

I have found my hand written noted from the ORB for 2 SoAN and found I do have an entry for the FL at Pickmere.

"Anson K6290 P/O Wrigley-Jones, FL at Pickmere due to weather."

9th August 2008, 18:35
Hi Henk
Harper,24, and Jefferies, 21 are registered at Salisbury,Wiltshire which would be the right for Dinton and the Lysander. There were several Charles Wrights but the only one that seems to fit was aged 23 and registered at Cambridge. the rest were much older

Henk Welting
10th August 2008, 10:50
Thanks Dick and Al for your quick response; appreciated as ever.

3rd June 2012, 17:11
Hi Henk,

F1180 for Lysander P9072 confirms two fatalities, Pilot P/OHarper and one other.

So looks like Sgt (Airgunner) Frank F. JEFFERIES - 755857 as well.


28th September 2017, 16:17

Sgt (Airgunner) Frank F. JEFFERIES - 755857 - the Graves Registration Report Form confirms his unit as No. 1 S.o.A.C.

AC1 Charles WRIGHT - 909460 - a family tree on ancestry.co.uk records that he died of TB at Papworth Sanatorium.



15th December 2022, 16:16
Hugh Alan Roberts 620703 , attached to 20 OTU, suffered severe burns to the face, hands, left leg and abdomen, when petrol covered clothing caught fire on 29 January.. admitted dangerously ill to Grey's hospital, Elgin, he died of pneumonia secondary to severe burns

6th January 2023, 21:42
Alan James Allcorn 563048 , died in Orpington War Memorial hospital of injuries sustained in an Air raid at RAF Mansion

Thanks to MalcolmRAF