View Full Version : Article about 27 May 1942 featuring No. 41 Squadron available

Andrew Arthy
29th May 2019, 05:30

Air War Publications has just released our latest article, available here (https://airwarpublications.com/product/jabos-sink-arctic-pioneer/), this time about the actions on the afternoon of 27 May 1942 off the Isle of Wight. Four German fighter-bombers attacked and sank the trawler HMS Arctic Pioneer, but were in turn intercepted by Spitfires of No. 41 Squadron. Adam Thompson and I have used various primary and secondary sources to tell the story from all perspectives, and have quote the German pilots involved, the Spitfire pilots who intercepted them, and the commanding officer of the HMS Arctic Pioneer. Steve Brew provided some valuable assistance from the British side of things, for which we are very grateful.

We hope you like our latest article.

Andrew A.
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