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Henk Welting
16th August 2008, 13:56
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

AC2 Frank W. FURNEAUX - 933787 - not found Flight archives;
AC1 Thomas GILMORE - 972422 - killed on active service;
AC2 James JAMIESON - 1354654 - not found Flight archives;
AC1 Percival P. LOWE - 939607 - 266 Sqn (Wittering, Northamptonshire) - killed on active service, and
F/O Philip C. THORNELLY - 61321 - not found Flight archives.

Regards and thanks for your help.

Andy Ingham
16th August 2008, 16:52
Hello Henk
Frank W. FURNEAUX - aged 31, death registered at Tonbridge
Thomas GILMORE - Not found in the England & Wales or Scotland Death index.
AC2 James JAMIESON - aged 31, death registered at Maryhill, Glasgow. Died due to injuries recieved from a bomb blast.
Percival P. LOWE - aged 21, death registered at Peterborough.
F/O Philip C. THORNELLY - aged 34, death registered at Peterborough.


Henk Welting
16th August 2008, 17:43
Thanks Andy. Couldn't find any matching a/c loss and may most of them - if not all - have been killed on the ground by enemy action.

16th August 2008, 17:48
Hi Henk
Peterborough is in Cambridgeshire but Northamptonshire is an adjacent county and Wittering would report deaths to the Peterborough Office and would connect the last 2 on your list, probably ,as you suggest , enemy action or accident on the airfield.

18th July 2009, 16:05
Gilmore was missed by Ancestry as there was an ammendment,
There are as luck would have it two Thomas Gilmores for Q1

Age 21 Peterbroough
Age 23 Salford

First one matches the age of your man above, and he is in same district as Lowe and Thornelly.

18th July 2009, 19:20
Hi Dick

In WW2 Peterborough was in Huntingdonshire not Cambridgeshire as was Wittering at the time.


18th July 2009, 19:29
According to 'Action Stations' six bombs were dropped on Wittering on the night of 14 Mar 1941, killing three and injuring 17 of whom two died later.

So it looks like the thre killed were Gilmore, Thornely and Lowe but where the two who died later?


Henk Welting
28th July 2009, 15:22
Thanks friends for all your help. Difficult for me to understand all those county changes post war.

Tony H
5th March 2016, 12:19
Further update detailing those killed or died of injuries and those injured as follows;

61321 F/O Philip Cawthorn Thornely (Age 34) – commemorated in Stockport Crematorium, Greater Manchester, 972422 AC1 Thomas Gilmore (Age 21) – buried in Newburn (St.Michael’s) Churchyard, Northumberland , 1354654 AC2 James Jamieson (Age 31) seriously injured & died of injuries later the same day – buried in Glasgow Western Necropolis , Glasgow, Scotland, 939607 AC1 Percival Prince Lowe 266 Sqn (Age21) – buried in Kippax (St’s Mary & Nicholas) Churchyard, North Yorkshire , 778141 AC2 Johannes Petrus Kruger 266 Sqn (Age 25) seriously injured & died of injuries 18/03/41 – buried in Stamford Cemetery, Lincolnshire

The following personnel were wounded during the attack

1176870 AC2 Horace Murray Eales 25 Sqn, 626328 LAC Gordon Alfred Frank Hignall 25 Sqn, 752379 LAC Thomas William Hollidge 25 Sqn, 77127 F/O Albert Thomas Sword-Daniels 25 Sqn, 777854 AC2 Richard Dunbar Beddow 266 Sqn , 778152 AC2 Rayleigh Kenneth Pike 266 Sqn, 778081 AC2 W.G. Redwood 266 Sqn, 519464 Cpl William Warrack 957 (Balloon) Sqn, 1016875 AC2 Stanley Broadbent, 650714 AC2 Denver Percival Fell, 641878 AC1 Leonard William Maddocks, 643201 LAC James Miskimmin, 1150049 AC2 Harold Moss, 1189495 AC2 Roland Leonard Norcrove, 1068905 AC2 Harry Smith

Tony H

9th July 2021, 08:35
Charles Edmund Brighton 639024 , attached to died of 92 MU ,died instantly whilst on leave in Corrylongford of shock and haemorrhage due to head and internal injuries in a motor accident

13th August 2021, 22:56
Frank Evans 745704 , attached to 37 Squadron , was admitted seriously ill to Number 19 General hospital on 4 March where he died of meningococcal meningitis

19th April 2022, 22:37
Albert Roy Chapman Ives 551704 , attached to HQ Number 4 Group, died in York Military Hospital of expistaxis leukaemia

20th May 2022, 10:50
Harold William Burvillle 568120 , attached to 200 Group, died in an accident at RAF North Front.

There is detail of the accident in his RAF file , nor any record in the ORB and Appendices for 200 Group, or RAF North Front. I have spent a considerable time researching his loss, but, At this stage, only the purchase of a GRO overseas death certificate may give further details of his accidental death

18th October 2022, 09:39
Harold William Burville 568120 , died of injuries sustained as the result of falling down a lift shaft.

This information was obtained from the purchase of a GRO overseas death certificate by myself as Burville was the last man poorly accounted in Gibraltar and his records are very confusing