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Don Clark
7th February 2020, 19:31
In very recent news just to hand, as of 6 Feb, The Genealogist has acquired "fully searchable" RAF Squadron Operations Record Books sourced from TNA AIR 27 holdings.

Described as "the first batch", the release covers some 500,000 records (presumably pages), however, there are no details of how many or which Squadrons are represented,
nor of the timetable for adding further data.

I'm not connected with this organisation, nor do I have a subscription at any level. I've not taken out a trial sub to examine the set.

Described with enthusiasm but scant detail, it's unclear whether the source is digitised from the original paper files or from the microfilm copies (the legibility of which is variable to say the least).

Thanks to my good friend Elizabeth in Toronto for sending me this link, reporting in Canada on the news

and here is The Genealogist detail on offer

When I think of all the hours of tedious toil in transcribing and checking 211 Squadron records (and the sums spent by me and my friends acquiring poor paper copies), I just shake my head.

Don Clark
www.211squadron.org (http://www.211squadron.org)

15th May 2021, 19:31
Hi Don
How did the searchable orb records work out? Are there many records, were they legible?
Tony Clark