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Henk Welting
22nd August 2008, 13:54
What caused the death of and/or what was the place of death registration for:

AC2 Otto F. MEGGITT - 1025769 - not found Flight archives.

Proposed aircraft losses this day (if Meggitt 'killed on active service'):

Hind I - L7186 - 1 FTS - overshot landing Shrewton.
Oxford I - R6082 - RAFC - crashed in forced landing Morton, Derbyshire.
Tiger Moth II - N9119 - 6 EFTS - crashed on landing Sywell.

Regards and thanks for your help.

22nd August 2008, 14:04
Death registered in Hull aged 30


8th June 2009, 20:45
Looking at this man, he is among an earlier format of name listings in the Flight magazine so his rank then initial come after his surname.

May 22nd 1941 Magazine
Meggitt, A/C. 2nd Cl. O, F.;

For this date on CWGC there are a number of Civilian casualties listed for 'Kingston upon Hull, County Borough'. The Hull district had been created from the Kingston upon Hull district back in 1854 per:

And this describes a raid on the city that night:

Henk Welting
16th June 2009, 15:45
Thanks Dennis for additional info on MEGGITT. Killed in air raid explicable for KOAS.

28th January 2021, 13:49
Arthur Edward Pace 955749, attached to number 11 SOTT, was motorcycle to his billet from RAF Hereford when he hit 3 other airmen walking in the road in the blackout, dying instantly of head injuries. The other airmen were all Injuried and Reginald Andrew Thorne 1199939, died of his Injuries the following day

17th November 2021, 21:01
Herbert Fellows Leese 550459 , attached to 30 Squadron, was reported as a battle casualty in the fall of Crete, a signal to HQ ME stated that he was believed to have been killed by bombing

Nick Cooper
27th April 2022, 22:10
The death certificate for Otto Fowler Meggitt confirms "War Operations," and, "Dead body found Thirty First March 1941 A.R.P.Control, Ferenways." The latter was in the centre of Hull, it being hit and gutted on the night of 31 March/1 April 1941, with the city's Deputy Medical Officer of Health and a police officer also being killed. In all the raid caused the death of 44 civilians and six service personnel (Meggitt, a RA heavy AA gunner, a RASC driver, and three 1/Royal Scots privates).

9th November 2022, 16:49
John Henry Snowball 1021605 , attached to RAF Driffield, died at 23:00 Hours on the day of admission to Driffield base hospital of toxameia

15th December 2022, 16:23
David Liddell Turpie 970163, attached to 19 OTU, was hit by a reversing aircraft propellor at RAF Kinloss, dying the same day at Leancholl hospital, Forres, of severe head injuries