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Andrew Arthy
18th February 2020, 03:27

Air War Publications has just released its latest article, available to download here (https://airwarpublications.com/product/12-october-1941-and-hans-joachim-marseille/), and we feel that it could be of interest to forum members.

While the focus of the article is the fact that Hans-Joachim Marseille was shot down in the autumn of 1941 (something not previously revealed by any other books or articles), I spent a lot of time researching the relevant Allied units involved, No. 112 Squadron, No. 3 Squadron RAAF and No. 2 SAAF Squadron, to ensure that their stories were told as thoroughly as possible. The result is a detailed description of the two combats on the morning of 12 October 1941.

Russell Guest of the Mediterranean Air War Series 1940-1945 was kind enough to write a short review of the article, and part of that review read as follows: "I find it fascinating that nearly 80 years after the event, and following many books on the subject of the air war in the desert and the pilots involved, and researching this area of history myself for over 40 years, that Andrew can come up with original new information on the ‘Star of Africa’. The use of original sources by Air War Publications, combined with a thorough research process, has resulted in an excellent, well-illustrated article on just one day in a long war."

I hope that people enjoy the article, which I think gives a good insight into aerial combat over the desert in 1941.

All the best,
Andrew A.
Air War Publications - www.airwarpublications.com