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Henk Welting
24th August 2008, 12:53
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

Cpl George J. BLEASDALE - 508717 - died of wounds or injuries received on active service;
AC2 Trevor J. BRYANT - 1070754 - not found Flight archives;
Sgt (Pilot) Victor D. CALVERT - 740674 - not found Flight archives;
LAC Arthur H. CHALLEN - 906477 - 152 Sqn (Warmwell, Dorset) - killed on active service;
AC1 Arthur P. DALE - 955632 - killed on active service;
Sgt (Pilot) Denis G. FAWCETT - 969534 - 152 Sqn (Warmwell, Dorset) - killed on active service;
F/Sgt Geoffrey M.C. HIPKIN - 223906 - killed on active service;
AC1 Kenneth W. LEONARD - 553254 - 152 Sqn (Warmwell, Dorset) - not found Flight archives;
LAC William H.P. MOREY - 247689 - killed on active service, and
AC2 Allan THOMPSON - 1109420 - not found Flight archives.

Casualties 152 Sqn may have been killed in air raid ??

Only one proposed aircraft loss for this day:

Blenheim IV - V5807 - 2 (C)OTU - flew into ground at night near Driffield.

Regards and thanks for your help.

24th August 2008, 18:13
There is a George Bleasdale aged 32 registered in Poole
Bryant registered in East Glamorgan aged 32
There is Victor Calvert registered in Buckrose aged 25. If i remember correctly Buckrose would include Driffield, so could be the Blenheim.
Challen - registered in Dorchester aged 23.
Dale - Dorchester aged 26.
Fawcett - Dorchester aged 25.
Hipkin - Dorchester aged 43.
Leonard - Dorchester aged 19
Morey - Dorchester aged 41
There is an Allan Thompson aged 34 registered in Worcester.

As you state it looks like an air raid on Warmwell for all those registered in Dorchester (near to Warmwell). I've got a book on Dorset at war at home so i'll check that later for some confirmation.

Cheers, Tom

24th August 2008, 18:28
Hi Henk,

I have a note of a No.152 Sqn Magister damaged on the ground at Warmwell during an air raid on 01/04/41.


24th August 2008, 20:50
Hi Henk
Warner's Blenheim has Calvert as killed on Blenheim V5807, he was flying solo.

Henk Welting
25th August 2008, 11:27
Thanks friends for all this excellent info. Sorry for keeping you all busy to get rid of my long list with unaccounted airwomen/airmen.

25th August 2008, 11:45
I suppose that I can talk for everyone on this forum Henk - we are glad to help you as you have also helped us many times.

I know what is building up such database as I have made one only with about 600 airmen. It is Tantalus work.

And to be honest your "unaccounted" posts are now indiscerptible part of this forum:-)

Good luck


20th October 2009, 02:06
AC2 T J Bryant DOAS Flight June 26th 1941 magazine.
Calvert, Sgt, V D - KOAS may 22nd magazine
AC1 K W Leonard is in the same KOAS list but his number was printed as 552254.

June 19th magazine has a AC2 A Thompson DOAS, no other similar names for that year on CWGc.

Henk, no need to aknowledge this posting, I've pushed enough threads off the front page. Send a PM if you wish.

4th January 2021, 14:11
George J blesdale died in bovington camp hospital of injuries received in An air raid

4th May 2021, 16:46
Trevor John Bryant 1070754 , attached to Number 11 SOTT , was killed when he accidently fell from a train in Cardiff

22nd July 2022, 16:31
Allan Thompson 1109420 , attached to HQ Number 18 Group , died at 14:45 Hours in the Worcester Royal Infirmary of acute appendicitis and peritonitis

3rd August 2022, 17:11
Joseph Francis Penlington 641707 , was admitted dangerously ill to RAF Hospital West Kirby on 26 February where he died of lymphatic leukaemia

29th November 2022, 17:48
Sidney Smith 531465 , died in Number 19 General hospital of tubercular meningitis

15th December 2022, 12:48
Arthur Phillip Dale 955632 ,

Geoffrey Maurice Campbell Hipkin 223906 and

William Hugh Patrick Morey 247689 , all attached to RAF Warnwell were killed at RAF Warmwell in an air raid

9th March 2023, 19:21
Ronald Blake 994921 | died in RAF hospital Matlock of rheumatic carditis and bronchial pneumonia