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25th August 2008, 14:32

Please let me show you my forthcoming book about the story of Capt Kee Harrison and his crew who made a crash landing in France the 14th July 1943 after they were shot down by Egon Mayer of JG2 and after the parachute of the engineer James Curtis was destructed by fire. Capt Harrison's crew was Crew#13 from 332nd BS of the 94th BG. Six airmen managed to evade capture and the others were captured. The escape men were helped by the French Underground.
Book is in french but I will send an english manuscript translation for those who wish. 180 pages, 150 pics. Price is undefinite at the moment. The book will be available for September 08
Crew was follow :

Capt Kee Harrison (P) evd
2nd Lt David Turner (CP) evd
2nd Lt Robert Conroy (N) evd
2nd Lt Roscoe Greene (B) evd
T/Sgt James Curtis (EG) pow
T/Sgt Charles McNemar (RO) evd
S/Sgt Jefferson Polk (BTG) evd
S/Sgt Richard Lewis (RWG) pow
S/Sgt Earl Porath (LWG) pow
S/Sgt Eino Asiala (TG) pow

I was helped for the book by many people like the co-pilot David Turner who was so nice, relatives of the crew etc and a lot of other people...
On the attached file you can see the cover of the book.
Don't hesitate to contact me for more information at this email : LemarchandloicATaolDOTcom

With kind regards


Loic Lemarchand
Normandy, France