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Henk Welting
26th August 2008, 13:18
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

ACW2 Elsie GARNETT - 428044;
AC2 Edward C. HICKFORD - 1008557 - 504 Sqn (Exeter, Devon);
AC2 David McCLEMENTS - 1126104;
AC2 Frederick MORGAN - 992606;
LAC Leslie PARR - 815257 - 504 Sqn (Exeter, Devon), and
AC2 A.J. PITT - 952366 (no first name).

None of these names found in Flight archives.

Proposed aircraft loss for this day:

Blenheim I - L6677 - 54 OTU - bellylanded Church Fenton.

Regards and thanks for your help.

26th August 2008, 14:12
ACW2 Elsie Garnett Age 21 Manchester District
AC2 Edward C Hickford Age 26, Devon Central district
AC2 David McCLEMENTS - Age 39 Liverpool North
AC2 Frederick MORGAN - Age 21 Chippenham
LAC Leslie PARR - Age 24, Devon Central
AC2 A.J. PITT - Nothing fits the bill for England and Wales, there an 81 yr old Arthur, no middle inital, perhaps Scotland.

An Arthur J Pitt was registered born in West Bromich district in Q2 1920? Parents possibly married Q3 1915 in West Brom, Rose Phillips.

Henk Welting
26th August 2008, 14:47
Thanks Dennis, will amend my files.

26th August 2008, 17:51
With Dennis mentioning West Bromwich(now part of Birmingham) it might fit for Pitt. CWGC doesn't have his full name either, but he is buried in W Bromwich and his parents are recorded as living there.

Henk Welting
27th August 2008, 13:21
Thanks Dick for this additional info on PITT.

27th October 2009, 00:23
ACW2 E. GARNETT - DOAS May 22nd Flight magazine
AC2 E. C. HICKFORD - KOAS named got scanned as "Hicklord, A/C. 2nd Cl. E. C."
LAC L. PARR - KOAS listed as Parr, Ldg. A/C. L.; both he and Hickford in same list, magazine dated May 22nd.
AC2 D. McCLEMENTS - Can't find him in Flight magazines.
AC2 F. MORGAN - DOAS Serial number printed as A/C.2 F. Morgan, 992616 and scanned as 99261S, June 12th magazine
AC2 A. J. PITT - Can't find him in Flight magazines

I did not find a relevent 1941 death of an A.... Pitt in Scotland.

Henk Welting
27th October 2009, 18:43
Thanks for info Dennis; will amend my files.

19th May 2021, 17:36
Elsie Garnett 428044 , attached to the School of accounting in TTC at Penarth, was admitted seriously ill to Manchester Royal infirmary on 15th March where she died of tubercular meningitis

25th November 2021, 23:17
Frederick Morgan 992616 , attached to 3 Wing of Number 2 Signals School , was admitted seriously ill to RAF Hospital, Yatesbury on 12 January, dying at 01:55 Hours of pulmonary tuberculosis

27th March 2022, 11:33
1126104 Aircraftman 2nd Class David McClements

According to a grave memorial, AC2 McClements died at Fazakerley Hospital, Liverpool, on 5 April 1941, as a result of tuberculosis.

6th May 2022, 15:51
Albert Doran 1212219 , attached to Number 2 Recruits Wing , died in RAF Station Hospital, Melksham, of cerebro spinal meningitis

6th June 2023, 11:33
Arthur James Pitt 952366 | an RAF Pensioner, died at 22 Francis Street, West Bromwich, of pulmonary tuberculosis