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3rd June 2020, 16:33
Posted on AB-IX today

Here's the latest update from the Flight Global people:
When will the Flight historical PDF archive be back online?
As part of the FlightGlobal relaunch in December 2019, we had to re-platform the site and unfortunately the Flight historical PDF archive was not compatible with the new software. We had to remove it from the site for maintenance and development, and we are still working to reinstate it in 2020. At this stage we do not have a date for when it will be back online. We know how many people rely on this historical archive, and we understand the frustration about not having access to it. Thank you for your patience as we develop the best way to experience the Flight historical PDF archive online. "

20th June 2020, 12:26
Looks like it's going to be available for subscribers, but it's not clear if that's ONLY for subscribers:





20th June 2020, 16:48
Shoulda downloaded a back up when we had a chance :-)

24th June 2020, 19:30
Jagan I have backuped approx. 6 war years only a while ago. There should be on some DVDs do if you have an idea how to make them available via our forum let me know, I will try to find them.