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23rd June 2020, 01:41
Hello All,

It's not quite RAF or RN-FAA, but does anyone know where I might be able to get a copy of this book on the Indian Navy operations with the Hawker Seahawk - "Downwind, Four Green" by Jagan Pillarisetti and published c.2015. The only copy on-line is on eBay for USD300- but I'm not ready to mortgage the house for a book - yet!

Link to a book-review for reference:


24th June 2020, 22:56

I didnt author the book - just that review. The book was published by Vice Admiral Vinod Pasricha (retd) a Naval aviation veteran on the Sea Hawk.

The book is pretty big and heavy - think about 2/3rds the thickness of "The K-File" size. but matching it in length and breadth.

Try these guys http://www.anveshan.com/products.php?product=DOWNWIND%2C-FOUR-GREEN%252dThe-Sea-Hawk-in-Indian-Service but before you put in an order get an email confirmation they have in stock.


25th June 2020, 09:25
Thanks Jagan,

Must have had a seniors-moment, for I was sure I was cutting & pasting the authors name! I was wondering to myself why the name sounded so familiar.

Anyway, thanks again.