View Full Version : Where to find RCAF Operations Record Books?

28th June 2020, 10:02
I would like to find the ORB for No.33 Service Flying Training School (SFTS), at Carberry, Manitoba. I am specifically interested in finding out about an event that happened on either 1st March 1944 or 1945 (or, less likely, 3rd January 1944 or 1945).

I would be most grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction, or even assist with copies of ORB?

Any help appreciated!

29th June 2020, 13:45
Hi see the list of units at older post:

so in your case:

C-12353 No. 31 Service Flying Training School, Aug. 1940 - Aug. 1944
(RAF), Kingston
No. 32 Service Flying Training School, Moose Jaw Jan. 1941 - Sept. 1944
No. 33 Service Flying Training School, (RAF), Carberry April 1943 - Dec. 1944
Nov. 1940 - Aug. 1942
C-12354 No. 33 Service Flying Training School, (RAF), Carberry Aug. 1942 - March 1943
No. 34 Service Flying Training School, (RAF), Medicine Hat Feb. 1941 - June 1942
Version 1.0 30

then look for particular reel here: